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What Employment Lawyers Need to Know About Business Immigration


Created on September 27, 2019




Does your client want to hire someone who may not be a U.S. citizen? Do they have questions about terminating a foreign national employee?  This new course will help you understand employer immigration obligations, aid you in spotting potential issues before they arise, and provide you with practical tips for navigating complex immigration laws.  The course will provide an overview of immigration rules that arise throughout the employee lifecycle.  

Attorney Molly Carey will discuss the impact of layoffs, benching, leaves of absence, and demotions/promotions, as well as other changes in the terms of the employment of foreign national employees. She will identify issues to look out for when hiring and employing foreign students. Finally, she will provide an overview of emerging trends in the current administration, including changes to the H-1B visa program and the new NAFTA rules.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify employer obligations in hiring foreign national employees
  2. Assess the immigration impact of changes in employment terms, including reduction in hours, change in salary, or leave of absence
  3. Review the rules regarding the termination or layoff of foreign national employees
  4. Discuss how the Trump administration is changing business immigration

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