Website Terms and Conditions: One Size Does Not Fit All Territories

Production Date: October 27, 2016 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law Estimated Length: 5400 minutes


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In this seminar, Amy Goldsmith, Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Practice at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP, deconstructs typical website terms and conditions and explains why separate policies are needed in different territories and the responsibilities of the website owner in each territory. She also reviews the recent legal challenge to certain website policies based on New Jersey state law. Lastly, Ms. Goldsmith explains how competitors can legally use each other’s trademarks as Adwords in the USA and Europe.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the requirements for website terms and conditions in the USA, EU, and Asia
  2. Identify the responsibilities of the website owner in each territory and the consequences if the website owner does not comply
  3. Discuss the litigation in New Jersey and provide best practice tips
  4. Review the rules regarding how your trademark and your competitors’ trademarks can be used as Adwords
arthur s.
renton, WA

very complicated subject.

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Thorough, informative, good presentation style

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Chicago, IL

A little too long, but a lot of good information

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Very good

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I learned a few things, which is always a good thing. Thank you!

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Awesome presentation by Amy Goldsmith.

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She was very informative.

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Kathleen D.
Herndon, VA

Outstanding presentation.

Kerian B.
New York, NY

This is an area where more courses are needed. The instructor provided a good overview/baseline. I'd suggest up-to-date courses on NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation and GDPR in the EU.

Jessica B.
Springfield, VA

Good course that covered a very wide range of information

Jamila G.
High Point, NC

Very interesting topic!

Bonnie P.
Pinetops, NC

The program was informative to a degree but if you are not proficient with tech lingo used in the program it does make it difficult to follow in certain sections.

Ronald M.
Edgartown, MA

Very comprehensive. Very helpful. Excellent course

Amy M.
East Lansing, MI

I really enjoyed this one - engaging speaker, and area of law I was unaware of.

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Excellent presentation.

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Very clear presentation.

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Very informative presentation

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Excellent presentation. Thank you.

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Very helpful to understanding terms and conditions, when usually the information comes from too many sources and gets confusing!

Larry T.
Beverly Hills, CA

Amy was very good.

Despina K.
Plandome Manor, NY

Very informative. Thank you!

Agnes M.
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I very much enjoyed Ms. Goldsmith's presentation - she made it very interesting.

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Interesting and very comprehensive

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this was excellent!

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Very interesting.

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Very informative

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Program was fine.

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Useful and informative information

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Exceptionally useful and informative presentation!

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Excellent very helpful with some current issues

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Very Good Program

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I enjoyed learning about an area of the law I previously know nothing about.

Silda W.
New York, NY

Very useful information covering a number of topics

hilory w.
Glenview, IL

Excellent overview of numerous topics and comparisons of US and EU relevant case law.

Trisha L.
Los Angeles, CA

Very good presentation

Silvia C.
Atlanta, GA

Very informative.


good overview on a new legal area

Rosa L.
New York, NY

The topic was covered from a variety of legal angles and was as current as possible.

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Excellent content; excellent presenter.

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great course

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Interesting presentation. Thanks

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Very informative program.

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Excellent, knowledgeable, and articulate speaker. Interesting discussion.

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Lots of good information

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Great presentation. Great materials. And (most important): Great listening!

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This presentation contained a number of points I hadn't considered -- very helpful.

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Very informative

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Very good. A subject I know a lot about, so can judge.

arthur f.
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great review-- includes tougher Europe aspects.

Peggy H.
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one of the best speakers, not boring, very easy to concentrate on materials!

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Nice work on incorporating extremely new information in your presentation!

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Speaker was very knowledgeable!

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Very good and update coverage of this topic.

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Learned many things!

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Excellent, timely coverage.