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Web Accessibility and ADA Standards for Law Firms


Created on December 13, 2021




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The COVID pandemic pushed many businesses and organizations to quickly pivot to operating online. In doing so, many did not consider the applicability of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the need to ensure that their online presence was accessible. At a time when ADA lawsuits have been on the rise, particularly in connection with website accessibility, the rush to go virtual has left many organizations exposed to discrimination claims because accessibility has not been adequately addressed.

The presenters will discuss:

  • The prevalence of disabilities of various types in the general public;

  • Business' complacency regarding online accessibility;

  • Relevant legal standards applicable to online accessibility;

  • Websites as "public accommodations" for purposes of the ADA;

  • Web accessibility principles;

  • Reasons to become compliant;

  • Consequences of noncompliance; and

  • Risk mitigation strategies.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Review how COVID has changed the landscape

  2. Discuss applicability of the ADA and other laws

  3. Asses the life cycle of a claim

  4. Identify challenges and opportunities in working towards compliance

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