Voir Dire for Criminal Jury Selection in New York and New Jersey: Less Similar Than You Might Imagine

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Produced on: February 21, 2017

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Time 76 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Understanding the law controlling the most crucial aspect of a criminal trial, jury selection, only scratches the surface of your preparation. This course will highlight the controlling statutes in both New York and New Jersey but will also discuss crucial strategic decisions, which arise during Voir Dire. Join attorney Patrick Joyce as he provides an understanding of those statutes which control Jury Selection in Criminal Trials in both New York and New Jersey. He will also discuss strategies for creating and avoiding Batson challenges, alerting the jury to the important issues in the case, as well as open-ended questions contained in the New Jersey Model Questionnaire.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the statutes controlling criminal jury selection in New York and New Jersey
  2. Identify strategies for creating and avoiding Batson challenges
  3. Discuss open-ended questions from the New Jersey Model Questionnaire


Patrick Joyce

Law Offices of Patrick Joyce

Patrick Joyce is presently a solo practitioner. The firm concentrates primarily in the area of State and Federal Criminal defense. He also represent immigrants in deportation proceedings. The office handles cases which encompass all facets of litigation. He has extensive experience litigating criminal and civil matters in the Federal District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, and the District of New Jersey. He also litigates on a regular basis in The Superior Courts of New Jersey and the Supreme Court of New York. He has briefed cases at the appellate level in New Jersey, briefed and argued criminal and civil cases at the appellate level in the State of New York, and he has briefed and argued several cases before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. 

Earlier in his career, Patrick served as Assistant Attorney in Charge of the Manhattan office of the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society. He was responsible for oversight of 180 Criminal Defense Attorneys, and his responsibilities included conducting Continuing Legal Education while participating in office wide strategic decisions implicating both in court and out of court tactics.

Patrick was also a trial attorney with the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society of New York for twelve years, and has been the lead counsel in over one hundred felony trials. In his capacity as a litigator in that firm, Patrick was responsible for the comprehensive caseload management of over 5,000 cases.


Steven R.

Excellent coverage.

Daire I.

Patrick provided a couple of real gems during this program that alone made it a worthwhile viewing:-)

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