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Voir Dire for Criminal Jury Selection in New York and New Jersey: Less Similar Than You Might Imagine

1h 16m

Created on February 21, 2017



Understanding the law controlling the most crucial aspect of a criminal trial, jury selection, only scratches the surface of your preparation. This course will highlight the controlling statutes in both New York and New Jersey but will also discuss crucial strategic decisions, which arise during Voir Dire. Join attorney Patrick Joyce as he provides an understanding of those statutes which control Jury Selection in Criminal Trials in both New York and New Jersey. He will also discuss strategies for creating and avoiding Batson challenges, alerting the jury to the important issues in the case, as well as open-ended questions contained in the New Jersey Model Questionnaire.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the statutes controlling criminal jury selection in New York and New Jersey
  2. Identify strategies for creating and avoiding Batson challenges
  3. Discuss open-ended questions from the New Jersey Model Questionnaire

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