Valuation of the Closely-Held Business

Production Date: November 07, 2014 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law, Law Practice Management, and Taxation Estimated Length: 3744 minutes


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If you want to determine a value for a publicly traded company such as GM, Ford, or McDonald’s, it’s easy. Quite simply, you multiply the number of outstanding shares by the current price to come up with a company’s market capitalization. With the Closely-Held Business, having no ready tradable market, finding value is a bit more complicated. In this lecture, you can find out how to obtain a value that is not only fair, but also presentable to the IRS for estate and gift tax reasons.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Understand the initial planning process when starting a valuation

II.  Grasp the tax and estate planning ramifications of valuating a closely-held business

William O.
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Bart Basi is a great presenter - reduces complex subjects to understandable sound bites.

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Excellent primer.

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I enjoy all his seminars

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Fantastic. This seminar highlights the difference between a teacher and an attorney who may know the subject matter but does not communicate it in an engaging lecture.

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Great speaker and good overview for a newbie

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Dr. Basi was an excellent speaker & teacher. I learned much from him and would highly recommend his course.

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Speaker was very interesting and engaging in his presentation.

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Good summary of key points to know when valuing a closely-held business

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Very good presentation.

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Great class, very pertinent for the business lawyer.

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I have become of fan of Dr. Basi after watching a few of his presentations.

Keiki-Michael C.
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Good overview, but a multi-part course would be interesting as well to get deeper into the subject.

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This speaker always delivers a very good presentation.

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Bart always does a great job.

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I enjoyed this speaker's style and he covered a lot of ground on the fundamentals.

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luv it

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Best speaker yet! I loved the super short summary with all the takeaways at the end.

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One of the best I have taken from lawline.

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I really liked Bart's speaking style & presentation !