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Valuation of the Closely-Held Business

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Produced on November 07, 2014

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If you want to determine a value for a publicly traded company such as GM, Ford, or McDonald’s, it’s easy. Quite simply, you multiply the number of outstanding shares by the current price to come up with a company’s market capitalization. With the Closely-Held Business, having no ready tradable market, finding value is a bit more complicated. In this lecture, you can find out how to obtain a value that is not only fair, but also presentable to the IRS for estate and gift tax reasons.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Understand the initial planning process when starting a valuation

II.  Grasp the tax and estate planning ramifications of valuating a closely-held business

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Bart Basi

The Center for Financial, Legal & Tax Planning, Inc

Dr. Basi is a specialist in the areas of business succession, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, retirement and estate planning, strategic planning, and tax aspects of business decisions for closely held and family businesses. He speaks nationwide, writes, and researches on all of these areas. He has written five loose-leaf bound books, over 300 articles, and has worked with hundreds of businesses and associations. Journals that have published Dr. Basi’s work include Money Matters, The American Journal of Small Business, the Journal of Family Law, The Journal of Estate Planning, The Tax Lawyer, Small Business Taxation, Taxation for Individuals, Taxation for Accountants, Taxation for Lawyers, The CPA Journal and The Tax Executive.

Dr. Basi is the author of “The Tax Report,” a bi-monthly report on income and estate tax matters for closely-held businesses, “Accounting and Taxes,” a monthly column distributed to individuals and trade journals, and the “Tax Tip,” a monthly tax advisory for the closely-held and family business.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Utica College of Syracuse University
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Syracuse University
  • Juris Doctor in Law, University of Louisville
  • Doctorate in Economics and Accounting, Indiana University
  • Post-Graduate study in Taxation, Stanford University

Professional Licenses

  • Certified Public Accountant – Indiana (1967-2000)
  • Attorney at Law:
  • Kentucky (1969)
  • Pennsylvania (1972-1982)
  • Illinois (1978-present)
  • New York (2010-present)

Academic Affiliations

  • Currently holds the rank of Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University.
  • Formerly affiliated with Penn State University, Indiana University, The University of Louisville, and Syracuse University specializing in corporate taxation, estate planning, and business valuations.

Business Affiliations and Memberships

  • Senior Advisor, The Center for Financial, Legal and Tax Planning, Inc. The Center values approximately fifty companies per year.
  • Memberships have included the American Bar Association’s Tax Committees on estate and gift taxes, business succession, and business planning and valuation.

Former Awards, Honors and Recognitions

  • Listed in Harvard Business School Profiles in Business and Management: An International Directory of Scholars and Their Research.
  • Recipient of educational grants for advanced course work in Taxation from the Practicing Law Institute, New York.
  • Listed in The Tax Analyst Directory and the Lexis Computer Tax Library as a tax professional in the U.S., specializing in family and closely held companies.
  • Listed in Who’s Who: Comprehensive and National Registries; International Registry; Leading American Executives, and Among America’s Teachers.
  • Listed as an expert in taxes and business valuations in the Wisconsin and Illinois Register of Expert Witnesses.
  • Member of Phi Kappa Phi, national honorary, Beta Alpha Psi, accounting honorary, and Beta Gamma Sigma, business honorary.
  • Member of the Institute of Business Appraisers


Julie G.

Thank you for this. You made a complicated subject fairly straightforward. Great Program

Allen B.

Exceptionally good presentation; one of the best CLE courses I have ever had.

Mark D.

Very comprehensive presentation. I was interested in family owned business application,

David D.


Karen M R.

Fantastic presenter -- super knowledgeable

Brant M.

Dr. Basi is plain spoken. He makes his points well and clearly. The level of teaching was appropriate.

monique m.

Fabulous presenter.

Cory R.

Contains good practical advice.

Lawrence C.

Very well organized & presented.

William O.

Bart Basi is a great presenter - reduces complex subjects to understandable sound bites.

Nicholas D.

Excellent primer.

Michael L.

I enjoy all his seminars

Clay L.

Fantastic. This seminar highlights the difference between a teacher and an attorney who may know the subject matter but does not communicate it in an engaging lecture.

Michael W.

Great speaker and good overview for a newbie

debra t.

Dr. Basi was an excellent speaker & teacher. I learned much from him and would highly recommend his course.

Michael V.

Very well done.

Roberta B.

Speaker was very interesting and engaging in his presentation.

Judith M.

Good summary of key points to know when valuing a closely-held business

Judith K.

Very good presentation.

Melissa E.

Great class, very pertinent for the business lawyer.

Caroline P.

I have become of fan of Dr. Basi after watching a few of his presentations.

Keiki-Michael C.

Good overview, but a multi-part course would be interesting as well to get deeper into the subject.

Joseph A.

This speaker always delivers a very good presentation.

Mark F.

Bart always does a great job.

Naomi E.

The gentleman was the most effective, engaging, intelligent speaker.

Rita S.


Zachary S.

Excellant speaker, very easy to understand, concise, conveyed a great deal of info in an hour

Janet S.

Very dynamic speaker.

Susan S.

I enjoyed this speaker's style and he covered a lot of ground on the fundamentals.

Stephen Z.

very good

Diane R.

excellent content and presentation

Scott K.

Very impressive

Sara N.

Engaging speaker.

Joseph S.

Very well presented..

Bradley P.

Excellent speaker.

Loretta O.


Steven L.

luv it

Melissa V.

Best speaker yet! I loved the super short summary with all the takeaways at the end.

thomas t.

crystal clear presentation. Great voice, Obvious passion.

Rob U.

Well done

Ronald N.

Fantastic presentation. A pleasure to listen to someone who undoubtedly and expertly knows the material being discussed.

Rafael D.

Great overview. Engaging speaker.

Michael H.

Lot of information packed into one session.

Janet B.

One of the best I have taken from lawline.

Gloria G.

Great speaker

Damien K.

I really liked Bart's speaking style & presentation !

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