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Using Insurance Coverage to Protect Against Food Industry Risks

1h 31m

Created on May 15, 2017




The food industry is awash in product contamination claims. This results from several factors – new FDA rules and increased enforcement, greater public perception of the dangers of food contamination, and the targeting of the food industry by the plaintiffs' bar. Insurance is a chief way that food companies can protect themselves.  

However, a company must know what risks can be externalized through insurance and which cannot. It must understand the different types of insurance policies in the marketplace, and the different coverages that they offer. Finally, a company must understand how to properly pursue an insurance claim and recover under its insurance policy.

This seminar, presented by Anderson Kill attorneys Robert Chesler and Steven Pudell, Wilson Elser attorney Katherine Tammaro, and Marsh & McLennan Agency Risk Management Consultant Marc D. Schein, will explore the workings of liability, property, and product contamination insurance policies, the different risks that they cover, and the coverage defenses that each one may have.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the protection that different insurance policies offer
  2. Navigate through the intricacies of the claim process
  3. Discuss the essentials of your insurance program
  4. Comprehend key issues of insurance
  5. Review the case law affecting food liability claims

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