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U.S. Permanent Residence for Corporate Employees


Created on October 15, 2018




Join attorney Merrill Cohen for this program to review and compare the various employment-based green card petitions that corporations use to obtain U.S. permanent residence for their professional employees. She will review the EB-1 category for those at the very top of the field, multinational executives and outstanding researchers; the EB-2 'national interest waiver' category for those with advanced degrees or exceptional ability, whose ability to work in the U.S. is so pressing that they receive a waiver of a permanent job offer; and why this category, too, is often supported by corporations with an urgent need for key professionals.

This program also addresses the PERM recruitment process for advanced degree professionals, professionals without an advanced degree, and skilled workers.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Make the best decision as to which green card category to use for particular professionals
  2. Appreciate the time frames for each green card category
  3. Identify the documentation the company and employee will each need to provide and whether recruitment for a U.S. worker is required
  4. Enable the employer and the client to understand the challenges they will face at each step of the process, and how to meet those challenges, successfully
  5. Succeed in obtaining green cards for their employees in the most efficient, timely and cost-effective manner

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