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Understanding Wage-and-Hour Class and Collective Actions (Update)

1h 32m

Created on September 26, 2019




This program, presented by employment attorney Orin Kurtz, will address wage-and-hour class and collective actions. Among the topics Mr. Kurtz will address are claims that are ideally suited for collective or class treatment, how to spot a class or collective action, requirements for certification of a class or collective action, and hot topics in class and collective actions including recent decisions relating to class action waivers. Mr. Kurtz will also provide a basic overview of wage and hour law, with a discussion of common class actions in the employment context. Lastly, he will explore the mechanics and procedure of filing, prosecuting, and defending class action suits in federal court.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a foundational overview of wage and hour law
  2. Identify claims that are best suited for class or collective actions, specifically in the employment context
  3. Discuss the requirements for class or collective action certification
  4. Review current hot topics in class and collective actions
  5. Explore the mechanics of filing a class action suit in federal court

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