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Understanding State & Local Government in California (Audio Only)

1h 1m

Created on December 12, 2019




California's economy and political structure are heavily interconnected with domestic and international governmental, business and commercial operations. Understanding of the structure and organization of California's State and Local Governments helps practitioners assist their clients in entering into and operating within the diverse and ever expanding California markets. 

This program, taught by William Smelko, a practitioner with over thirty-five years of experience, is designed to provide a primer on the myriad Agency, Commission, County, City and Local Governments in California, all of which exert tremendous regulatory and commercial influence over public and private commercial enterprises. The course will focus on: (i) describing the structure of California's political and judicial systems; (ii) examining the nuances of local and agency activity which directly impacts those doing business in California; and (iii) providing participants with a working knowledge of how California State and Local Governments work in a 21st Century world.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the structure of California State and Local Governments
  2. Discuss the California Judicial System, including how it operates and its effect on the business operations of California and non-California residents alike
  3. Highlight unique areas where particularized knowledge of the nuances of California Law can help prevent problems before they become difficult issues for clients doing business in California or with California Governmental entities

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