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Trying an Automobile Case to Verdict in New York (Update)


Created on September 17, 2020





Welcome to the world of automobile accident cases. In this course, an experienced plaintiff-side automobile accident practitioner, Justin Blitz, advises newly admitted and veteran attorneys on what they need to know for handling an automobile accident in New York. The course will explore the details of handling an automobile case from the moment the injured client arrives at your office, to receive a favorable jury verdict. The program will also touch on tips to help successfully navigate an automobile accident case through the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Master the ins and outs of the intake process
  2. Appropriately handle evidence
  3. Identify winning pre-trial strategies 
  4. Decipher the deposition process
  5. Anticipate the defense's arguments
  6. Chronicle the best methods for cross-examining
  7. Prepare for your first trial 

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