Trademarks: Building Value for Your Clients and Yourself

Production Date: October 13, 2016 Practice Areas: Tax Law and Trademark Law Estimated Length: 3656 minutes


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Do you or your clients have a company name or slogan that you consider valuable?  Do you want to protect that company name or slogan? This course, led by attorney Roman Basi, addresses best practices for seeking a trademark. He discusses what an initial search for similar trademarks can tell you and what it looks like, including a review of an actual full Trademark search conducted by his own office. In addition, he reviews an actual application filed by his office and, in doing so, provides a real-life example of how to apply for a trademark.  

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify the elements necessary to determine if you can register for a trademark
  2. Understand the differences between a service mark and a utility mark
  3. Recognize what evidence is needed to support applications for both
  4. Grasp the time frames that can be involved prior to final approval
  5. Appreciate the expiration periods for the different types of trademarks
  6. Comprehend how to enforce an approved trademark
  7. File and pursue an opposition to a previously filed trademark
Patrick K.
Bridgewater, NJ

Very well put together and presented.

Karen M R.
Stamford, CT

very knowledgeable practical advice

Edward M.
Philadelphia, PA

really good lecture

John D.
Edina, MN

Presenter gave very good overview of Trademark law and process.