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Trade Secrets, Confidentiality, and Social Media

1h 3m

Created on October 23, 2018





Join attorney Amy B. Goldsmith for a primer on confidentiality and trade secrets in the age of social media. Confidential information and trade secrets are valuable business assets. Although all trade secrets must be kept confidential, not all confidential information merits trade secret protection. Often, even though businesses are diligent in requiring that their employees sign confidentiality agreements, both sides' obligations are not well understood, and the value of these business assets may be diminished due to this lack of understanding.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the various types of confidential information
  2. Define trade secrets and explain how they differ from other types of confidential information
  3. Develop best practices for protecting confidential information and trade secrets and for using social media
  4. Discuss the contractual obligations and liabilities of businesses and individual employees
  5. Address hypotheticals that illustrate what happens in the real and virtual worlds
  6. Review recent case law

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