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Top Tips for Negotiating A Lease Agreement

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Created on February 27, 2020





Negotiating any contract can be tricky, particularly if the contract you are discussing has possible long term consequences such as a lease agreement. Many leases present complex issues that the parties must face and anticipate, sometimes years in advance. This is true in the case of commercial lease agreements and sometimes even in the case of residential lease agreements. In this course, participants will learn negotiation tactics that can be used by both landlords and tenants in bargaining over important and material terms that apply to most lease agreements. Presented by Kenneth W. Biedzynski, Esq., this course will canvas and discuss important negotiating tactics as well as drafting and bargaining strategies that both parties should consider and implement.

In addition to discussing the above concepts, transactional forms will be presented and examined.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify laws applicable to commercial and residential lease agreements
  2. Review checklists for key and material issues that should be addressed in most commercial and residential lease agreements
  3. Discuss concerns and issues relating to difficult negotiations as well as addressing what happens when an impasse is reached in the negotiation process
  4. Develop best practices for negotiating commercial and residential lease agreements

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