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Top Federal Patent Cases: 2021 Litigation Update


Created on June 11, 2021





Patent jurisprudence is rapidly evolving, with several pending cases either being decided by, or having the potential of being decided by, the U.S. Supreme Court. This caselaw update, taught by patent veteran B. Delano Jordan of Jordan IP Law, will examine recent federal patent decisions and their potential ramifications.  Participants will leave with a firmer understanding of the current status of an array of patent issues such as patent subject matter eligibility, functional claiming, assignor estoppel, AIA (America Invents Act) institution thresholds, and the constitutionality of APJs (Administrative Patent Judges).  Included in the discussion will be Arthrex, as well as American Axle. 

This program will benefit all patent law practitioners as well as business lawyers who may need to get up to speed on recent patent updates. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify patent issues having potential shifts in legal philosophy
  2. Summarize recent Federal Circuit and Supreme Court positions and decisions
  3. Guide IP decision-makers on how to navigate a changing patent landscape



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