The World Of Trademarks (and The Madrid Protocol)

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Produced on: September 28, 2018

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Time 61 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Permaheat, LLC, a U.S. manufacturer of winter coats, has begun appointing distributors in Europe and Asia, and wants to protect its trademark, PERMAHEAT. Is the Madrid Protocol a good option for Permaheat?

Killchill GmbH, a German manufacturer of gloves, has started selling products into the United States and Asia, and wants to protect its trademark, KILLCHILL. Is the Madrid Protocol a good option for Killchill?

Why might the answers to this question be different for each company?

This seminar, presented by attorneys Dermot Horgan and Jeannine Rittenhouse of IpHorgan Ltd, will equip you to guide clients through the complexities of protecting trademarks abroad using the Madrid Protocol. Attorneys will learn how trademark rights are obtained and the various protections options, with a particular emphasis on use of the Madrid Protocol abroad and its impact in the U.S.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify what is and is not a trademark
  2. Explore the mechanisms for protecting trademarks in the U.S. and abroad
  3. Examine protection through the Madrid Protocol
  4. Discuss the benefits of the Madrid Protocol
  5. Analyze the weaknesses of the Madrid Protocol
  6. Consider possible improvements to the Madrid Protocol


Jeannine Rittenhouse

IpHorgan Ltd.

Jeannine Rittenhouse counsels clients ranging from small businesses to multinational Fortune 500 corporations on the searching and clearance of new brands worldwide and on the maintenance, prosecution, protection, and enforcement of their global trademark and domain portfolios. She has represented clients in trademark oppositions and cancellations in multiple jurisdictions and has substantial experience in copyright prosecution, enforcement, and licensing matters. In addition, Jeannine counsels clients on trade identity, domain name, and unfair competition issues. She has frequently lectured and provided continuing legal education on intellectual property issues including copyright law, licensing, and intellectual property due diligence.

Dermot Horgan

IpHorgan Ltd.

Dermot Horgan assists clients with implementing and managing programs to protect their intellectual property rights. His knowledge of trademark, trade dress, trade identity, trade secret, and copyright law is deep. His skill-set extends to U.S. and international practice. Dermot is a frequent speaker on intellectual property issues: recent topics include The Law of Music and Video Licensing, and Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions.


Robert B.

Great use of examples!

Chris S.

Their hypotheticals were quite informative. I learned a lot from this. Thank you.

Jingmei Z.

Great presentation!

Larry S.


Kenneth H.

Good presentation.

Steven K.

The two presenters perfected the art of back and forth very well. I liked them.

Joretta D.

The timing of this webcast was very convenient

Michael B.

Outstanding presenters, as these two always are. Very well done. TY

Nicholas B.

Outstanding and pleasant faculty!

David W.

Effective use of examples in demonstrating the application of the Madrid protocol

Nathaniel R.

This was an excellent program. Thank you!!

Holly R.

The presenters were excellent. Thank you!

Michael C.

The examples made distinguishing between cases very easy.

Frank C.

Good Program.

Margaret H.

well done!

Ana M.

Excellent presenters and format.

Lisa M.

Very interesting even if not familiar with trademarks

Abigail M.

Outstanding! Very engaging compared to other live courses

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