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The Strategic Defense of High Profile Clients (Update)

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Produced on November 01, 2016

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Course Information

Time 1h
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Criminal

Course Description

In this timely program, Benjamin Brafman, a criminal defense attorney who has weathered the defense of many high-profile cases in recent years, reviews the legal and practical issues surrounding the defense of the celebrity client or the case that will involve substantial media interest, regardless of who the client is. The veteran trial attorney discusses issues that arise in the defense of a case that is "high-profile", either because of "who" the client is or the "notoriety" of the case in question.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn how to maintain "control" of the client
  2. Identify how to deal with "public" aspects of the case, including responsibility to the client who may suffer severe collateral damage to business interests simply from being accused of the offense
  3. Grasp how to deal with the media and manage public relations issues, e.g. what to say and what not to say
  4. Navigate ethical and practical concerns
  5. Receive practical guidance for how to move forward when caught in the eye of the storm
  6. Master miscellaneous concerns from jury selection to social media

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Benjamin Brafman

Brafman & Associates, P.C.

Benjamin Brafman is the principal of a seven-lawyer firm, Brafman & Associates, P.C., located in Manhattan. Mr. Brafman’s firm specializes in criminal law with an emphasis on White Collar criminal defense. 

Mr. Brafman, a former Assistant District Attorney in the Rackets Bureau of the New York County District Attorney’s Office, has been in private practice since 1980. Mr. Brafman is a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers and was selected by New York Magazine as the “Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in New York.” Mr. Brafman was presented with the “first” ever Clarence Darrow Award for Distinguished Practitioner by the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and most recently, he received the Robert M. Morgenthau Award from the Police Athletic League for outstanding achievements in the field of Criminal Defense.

Mr. Brafman has represented a wide range of high-profile celebrities, business leaders, lawyers and professionals in major criminal cases throughout the country, Canada, Europe, Israel, and South Africa. Mr. Brafman’s acquittal record in complex criminal trials is among the highest in New York City and he lectures widely throughout the United States on issues related to trial advocacy.


Jerry L G.

Ben Brafman is one of the best out there...very helpful. Thank you.

Larry N.


Jean B.

Terrific course.

Theodor S.

Interesting speaker. Extremely informative. Well paced learning tool.

Andrew A.

Great speaker

Saadya B.

Always a rockstar! Thank you!

Steven R.

Good presentation. The specific case examples are very useful.

Daniel S.

This was an outstanding presentation

Joan L.

Excellent class. Well presented, comprehensive and substantive info.

Mayo B.

Great perspective.

Gregory N.

Ben is the best. He has lived that which he speaks of. He acts as he has taught.

Peter J.

spectacular presentation

Robert P.

I've ben practicing since 1979. Best CLE I've ever heard Thanks.

Jason W.

Excellent Course.

Larry T.

Well presented by Benjamin Brafman.

Brenna M.


Samuel W.

Excellent on all counts

Charlie S.

Very informative

Jake R.

Good course. The presenter's real-life stories of celebrity criminal cases were informative

Susan S.

Wow! What a great course. Learned a lot and it was fun, too

Taryn S.

speaker was very engaging!

Andrew W.

This was interesting - although it no application to my practice.

Susan H.

gold standard presentation

Sarah V.

One of the best instructors yet. He made the subject matter very interesting that it keep your engaged.

Charles S.

I particularly like the way that Mr. Brafman spoke, there was a cadence, and there was passion, it was not a flat monotone.

hilory w.

Highly enjoyable, very informative!

June B. F.


Thurman W.

Very knowledgeable and competent instructor who shared relevant real life examples to illustrate key points. Very useful and interesting program.

Michael E.


Katherine P.

Mr Brafman's instruction was excellent. Not boring, but engaging!

Wendy M.


Barbara Jane I.

Very knowledgeable and interesting presenter.

Susan H.

Best one so far

Benjamin s.

Very engrossing celebrity client stories that helped illustrate the content so well

Idene S.

I appreciated the updated, real-world examples (e.g. DSK trial). Thank you.

Michelle O.

Always love a good celebrity-laden war story!

Bernard R.

Mr. Brafman sounds like he would be interesting to battle or be his second chair

Jeffrey O.

good lecture

Diane E.

certainly knows how to professionally deal with the press

Frank O.

This guy is the real deal. Very interesting and informative.

Robert V.

I am a corporate attorney, but to have a refresher course in handling media in criminal matters will also help me in my corporate and transactional representation also.

Raul R.

The instructor did an excellent job. The real world examples from his past experience were fantastic.

Julie A. B.

Masterful presentation by a gifted and knowledgeable speaker who obligingly punctuates impressive content with informative and supportive examples. Lawyers are like baseball players in that they have good seasons (i.e., cases) and bad. They have hot streaks where they can’t not hit the ball. They have cold streaks: whiff, whiff, whiff. Baseball players know they’re in a streak when it’s happening, because of the stats. Lawline reviews unquestionably underscore that Mr. Brafman rides a hot streak with another well-delivered program.

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