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The Strategic Defense of High Profile Clients (Update)


Created on November 01, 2016




In this timely program, Benjamin Brafman, a criminal defense attorney who has weathered the defense of many high-profile cases in recent years, reviews the legal and practical issues surrounding the defense of the celebrity client or the case that will involve substantial media interest, regardless of who the client is. The veteran trial attorney discusses issues that arise in the defense of a case that is "high-profile", either because of "who" the client is or the "notoriety" of the case in question.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn how to maintain "control" of the client
  2. Identify how to deal with "public" aspects of the case, including responsibility to the client who may suffer severe collateral damage to business interests simply from being accused of the offense
  3. Grasp how to deal with the media and manage public relations issues, e.g. what to say and what not to say
  4. Navigate ethical and practical concerns
  5. Receive practical guidance for how to move forward when caught in the eye of the storm
  6. Master miscellaneous concerns from jury selection to social media

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