The Shoemaker Has No Shoes: Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, and Partnership Agreements for Attorneys

Production Date: January 15, 2015 Practice Areas: Wills, Trusts, & Estates Estimated Length: 5420 minutes


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Attorneys Michael Markoff, Andrew E. Roth, and Gregory Tapfar, of Danzinger & Markoff, LLP, team up to discuss the importance of life and estate planning for attorneys.   


This program examines the importance of planning for retirement and death, not just for clients, but for ourselves as attorneys. The discussion includes the importance of partnership agreement and exit strategies in the case of disability, retirement, or death of an attorney. The panel also covers how to protect yourself regarding issues relating to the management of the firm and profit allocation, as well as the benefits of implementing a retirement plan for your practice which will enable you to maximize the benefits you receive - which are exempt from creditors - while minimizing staff costs, and the need to have a will and trusts to minimize or avoid estate tax.    


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand your partnership agreement 

II.   Protect yourself and your interests in the case of disability, retirement, or death

III.  Implement a retirement plan 

Kamran M.
Scarsdale, NY

great pace to the program and very useful information. Thank you.

Linda L.
Manchester, CT

Informative business information for lawyers. Last presentation on 401k, profit sharing, etc. could be a separate program for larger firms.

Jeri W.
Castle Rock, CO

Somewhat dry but informative

Lauren G.
East Northport, NY

Very Helpful

Janice R.
Chicago, IL

Well presented

Allan A. W.
Highland Park, IL

Having been a practitioner in this area I found this presentation to be excellent in all facets.

Quietta B.
Columbia, SC


Thomas B. M.
Austin, TX

Very enlightening

Nicolas G.
Coral Gables, FL

Well explained by all three!

David J.
Pompano Beach, FL

This was a very informative course.

Sandra K.
New York, NY

Very good overview of these dense topics. Well done!

Albert P P.
Middletown, NY

Materials and speakers were excellent.

richard l.
jackson heights, NY

Solid advice.

Eric Z.
New York, NY

Very informative.

Erica R.
Manlius, NY


Leah C.
Pompano Beach, FL

very interesting and informative on a topic that I didn't know very much about

Adam P.
Spring Hill, KS

Clearly presented.

lewjene s.
Maize, KS

very good discussion about life insurance, estate taxes

Matthew D.
Bronx, NY

Good stuff

Patrick G.
Cheektowaga, NY

I thought speaker, M ichael Markoff was quite exceptional.

Diana L.
Bellmore, NY

Great real world examples to illuminate the topic

Matthew R.
New York, NY

Very thorough and well presented

Farida R.
Westbury, NY

This was a very informative CLE; would certainly sign up for another w/the same speakers re more indepth info on each subject.

Susan M. B.
Massapequa, NY

Well organized and enjoyable presentation on complicated material. Format worked with multiple speakers

Gbolahan E.
Baltimore, MD


Victoria L. B.
Ocala, FL

Excellent content

Kirl F.
Parlin, NJ


Dwight B.
Flatwoods, KY


Mark F.
Tenafly, NJ

The best presentations in the NYS CLE bundle!

Lorenzo L.
Colleyville, TX

This was an excellent overview and I will consult my Estate Planning attorney to follow-up on some of the suggestions presented in this course.

Robert M.
New York, NY

Useful Information. I enjoy the seminars that are geared toward attorneys because we often need legal advice too!

mitsuko o.
New York, NY


Rebecca C.
Dallas, TX

Really interesting and very good speakers.

Ronja B.
New York, NY

Lots of helpful information; really like the state specific info!

Evan K.
Queens, NY

Good presentation, very knowledgable presenters and interesting material (not that I'll ever be a LF partner) Thanks.

Richard R.
Brooklyn, NY

Very knowledgeable instructors, whose message continues to remind me to hire an estate lawyer.. Thanks.

George W.
New York, NY

very useful

Leo W.
Mendham, NJ

Very informative

Jane S.
Raleigh, NC

Useful information.

Jessica F.

This could have gone longer and it would have been fine! Loved each topic

Michael T.
Brooklyn, NY

Very informative, very well presented. Clearly experts in this highly specialized practice area.

James M.
Queens, NY

Details were well explained.

Agnes M.
New York, NY

The presenters packed an incredible amount of information in that 90 minutes - very well done!

Matthew W.
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent presentation, content was well thought out.

Gail G.
New York, NY

Clear concise & informative.

Deborah H.
Hoboken, NJ

Very Comprehensive!

George S E.
Rockville Centre, NY

i liked this course

william D.
Albany, NY

My only issues with this program are that it could, quite literally be a 10 hour program in law practice management as well as being a good 1.5 hour class- thanks -

Darrell R. J.
Orlando, FL

Bring these guys back! Excellent presentation

Kenneth G.
Durham, NC

I enjoyed the combination of speakers

Sheldon O Z.
Chicago, IL


Frank S.
Uniondale, NY

excellent - did a great job with potentially difficult material

Hugh M.
Fresno, CA

These guys really know their stuff. One of the best MCLE seminars I have ever participated in, and I've been practicing since MCLE became mandatory. Terrific program!

Heather M.
Basalt, CO

Really interesting topics and informative.

James H.
Plano, TX

Excellent overview of key practice management and financial issues relating to attorneys.