The Personal Side of Ethics

Production Date: June 27, 2015 Practice Areas: Ethics and Litigation Estimated Length: 4508 minutes


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In this course, Carol G. Morokoff, an attorney with twenty-eight years of litigation experience, including four years as a solo practitioner, discusses ethical dilemmas present both in litigation and small firm practice. These dilemmas include the unforeseen impact of personal life on professional life, money management, the ability to decide whether (and how!) to decline a case, and the additional restrictions on domestic relations.  


Ms. Morokoff covers currently trending topics as well as recurring problems, and pulls from the files of disciplinary committees nationwide.  


Learning Objectives: 

I.    Recognize the potential for ethical lapses in common situations

II.   Set up a framework for avoiding those situations

III.  Adapt strategies for remedying the situation if one develops

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2015 Bridge the Gap Event.

Roberta C.
Bronx, NY

Excellent speaker. Also NYLS was my alma mater, so it was a kick being back in the classroom there (so to speak).

Tara C.
Islip, NY

She was an amazing instructor !

John M.

informative and entertaining!

Richard L.
Queens, NY


Joseph R.
New Haven, CT

very thorough while very entertaining

Shelley M.
Newport Beach, CA

Entertaining and informative!

Laura d.
Piedmont, CA

She was super funny! I enjoyed this one!


excellent review of case law

James H.
Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you. Good course.

Bruce C.
East Rockaway, NY

Excellent speaker on the subject matter

Marco C.
Poughkeepsie, NY

Nice delivery manner and some humor.

Kevin Z.
Denver, CO

Presenter was amazing.

Rhonda R.
Memphis, TN

The presenter's examples are very useful and entertaining.

Lisa C.

i really liked this presenter's delivery! not so dry--rather engaging

Naomi A.
New York, NY

Very clear and concise.

Chris S.
Hingham, MA

Refreshingly real. Made an ethics discussion engaging rather than the usual dry reading of rules

Sara S.
Manhattan, NY

Entertaining presenter!

Valerie M.
Lakeway, TX

Examples were great. Sadly - you can't make some of that up!

Catherine H.
Denver, CO

Interesting speaker and presentation--one of my favorite ethics CLEs ever.

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

I liked the attorney's sardonic sense of humor. Nice to be able to learn and be entertained at the same time.

James D.
Corning, NY

This CLE is, by far, the best CLE related to ethics. The presenter is to be commended. This was outstanding. Thank you.

Jeffrey M.
Houston, TX

Enjoyable and entertaining. Thanks!

Ronald H.
Parker, CO

Excellent presenter.

Jon B.
Coppell, TX

Great course.

Merrick W.
Houston, TX

Good advice delivered in an entertaining fashion.

Michelle L.
Aurora, CO

This presenter had a nice balance of knowledge and engagement

Marc P.

Great speaker

Jayne W.
Denver, NC

Wonderful and entertaining speaker- great nexus between the cases and the rules. A+ thanks!

Jay G.
Lovisville, KY

A different approach to ethics, from the perspective of bar disciplinary actions, and what actions caused them. Case studies were great examples. Very informative and also enjoyable. Thanks!

Darla G.
Dallas, TX

Good speaker with dry humor.

Monica G.
North Grafton, MA

Great instructor.

Boe B.
Houston, TX

Entertaining lecture

Lisa L.
Buena Vista, CO

Really good program. Smart, good information, with an entertaining presentation style that resulted in smiles along the way.

Gerald M.
Plantation, FL

Good program, using real world examples to illustrate the points made.

New York, NY

an engaging presenter

John E C.
Findlay, OH

entertaining; funny; Carol, you could do standup

Lenexa, KS

Carol was a great, dynamic speaker! I really enjoyed her!

Brendan M.
Durham, CT

This presenter was excellent and incredibly informative. My hat is off! An excellent lesson. Thank you.

John R.
Wheaton, IL

Carol is a fantastic presenter!

Matthew W.
Houston, TX

Presentation was extraordinarily good.

Scott B.
Plano, TX

Like all of the other commenters, I found the presentation to be engaging and very high quality. Thanks!

virginia b.
mattapoisett, MA

best for newly admitted attorneys

Marshall V.
Greenport, NY

Interesting and anecdotal.

Richard C.
Chicago, IL

Enjoyable presentation. Material given without reading off a script, and was" conversational" rather than stiff or formal.

Ronald S.
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent teacher

Kamela W.
Dallas, TX

I absolutely loved this course. It was fun and educational!

John M.
Tampa, FL

Presenter was excellent!

Vivian C.
Miami, FL

Loved it. Very interesting and engaging.

Rogelio P.
Berwyn, IL

good use of cases

Carolyn R.
Forest Hills, LB

enjoyed the presentation

Lynette W.
Los Angeles, CA

This is one of the best ethics courses I've taken. She is funny and knows her stuff. Great job!

Suzan d.
Denver, CO

great speaker

Paula S.
Fullerton, CA


Lawrence C.

Entertaining & Substantive!

Mary B.
Rochester, NY


Lisabeth O.
Frisco, TX

Fantastic! Really held my interest. Thank you!

Lawrence F. K.


patricia C.
lagrangeville, NY

She was very informative and engaging

Robin G.
Melville, NY

Good presenter

Judith H.
St. Clair Shores, MI

She knows her ethics! this could have been a two hour program! I was rushing to keep up and take notes!

Larry R.
San Diego, CA

Outstanding. Best of this year's so far.

Jess S.
Altadena, CA

Great presentation

Larry S.

well done. informative.

Eugene D.
Massapequa Park, NY

Good speaker

Richard S.
Glen Cove, NY

Best class ever.

William W.
Lisle, IL

Excellent presentation.

Anne H.
Mount Laurel, NJ

good program.

Joel S.
Nashville, TN

I liked the presenter a lot and she was very clear about what topic she was discussing and the takeaway.

Gbolahan E.
Baltimore, MD

Very good

Jared E.
Wasilla, AK

Great course. Good coverage of key issues in an entertaining and educational manner.

Thomas B. M.
Austin, TX

Excellent presenter.

Mark R.
Memphis, TN

I really enjoyed the presenter --very personable and amusing.

alan l.
fair lawn, NJ

This was the best ethics lecture I have ever heard.

Joanne R.
Naples, FL

Very competent and entertaining. Excellent

Charles O.
Garden City, NY

Bravo Carol Morokoff ! Very entertaining ! I would listen/watch her present any CLE topic.

Dennis S.
Bedford, NY

Presenter was both entertaining and able to be very substantively competent.

Deena M.
Marlboro Township, NJ

This was actually a good explanation of personal ethics and the way lawyers unfortunately get themselves into trouble

Donica H.
Santa Rosa, CA

Very interesting case review.

Danielle W.
Waxhaw, NC

Fantastic program - engaging presenter and great information presented in a useful and entertaining manner.

wayne r.
new york, NY

Excellent presentation

Phil H.
Cherry Hills VIllage, CO

Loved this CLE and the presenter

Irving G.
rosland heights, NY

excellent delivery a pleasure to take the couse

Alexandra S.
Charleston, SC

She was great and super informative!

James C.
Chicago, IL

Informative and entertaining.

Thomas L.
Watervliet, NY

speaker was excellent

ellen l.
cranford, NJ


Roger W.
Las Vegas, NV

A very well prepared and on point presentation on ethics.

diane k.
Greenlawn, NY

Enjoyed the course. Very engaging speaker.


I glade I took this course.. About the most up to date and best ethics course I ever attended.

James B.
Huntington, NY

Far more interesting than the usual Ethics lecture.

Lori L.
Sea Cliff, NY

Very entertaining!

Tanya C.
queensvillage, NY

interesting program

Dianne G.
Plainview, NY

She was one of the best speakers I had ever heard. Really enjoyed this.

Whitney A.
Aurora, IL

These type of classes should be the last half of the 3rd year of law school

Bridget C.
Garden City, NY

This was a great lecture!

Doreen M.
Belleville, IL

Very entertaining speaker who kept my interest!

Jennie C.
Holbrook, NY

Excellent instructor, very engaging

Lisa T.
Fairfield, CA

Great speaker!

gary d.
Valencia, CA

Excellent presentation. I actually enjoyed it.

Richard C.
Kerrville, TX

Excellent content, and enjoyable to watch!

John J. P.
White Plains, NY

Great lecture!

carole s.
Manhattan, NY

she's very good to watch.

Michael S.
New York, NY

The most entertaining - and informative - lecture yet.

Max V.
Manhattan, NY

She's really good -- great lecture.

Michele H.
Houston, TX

Presenter was great

Susan C.
Short Hills, NJ

Ms. Morokoff is a terrific presenter. Her energy keeps one glued to the subject matter of the course.

Gerard M.
hicksville, NY

great speaker held my attention good style of speaking showed how important this area of ethics is also very practical course

hal c.
Sonora, CA

This was very informative

martin p.
Forest Hills, NY

Nice concluding remarks and good choice of overall them of making it personal (or not); also nice that she cited model rules, etc.

William N.
Woodhaven, NY

good approach, good presentation

Robin W.
Plano, TX

Great ethics CLE! Not your typical ethics class!

Shelley K.
Springfield, VA

I liked this Speaker, she was very entertaining.

Eric S.
Crawford, CO

The presentation was lively. Thank you.

Queens, NY

Great speaker!

Donald S.
San Angelo, TX

Tough to do ethics courses, she certainly prepared and conveyed the message while holding audience attention.

Richard K.
Niceville, FL

enjoyed her presentation

Timothy N.
Irvine, CA


John C.
Dallas, TX

Good use of humor

Julia L.
Louisville, KY

Interesting and would recommend.

Michael C.
DeKalb, IL

Engaging presenter

jack s.
New York, NY

Outstanding presentation

Kaneez M.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Great use of cases to establish points.

Gregory C.
Porterville, CA

very good and informative presentation.

Helena F.
New York, NY

Excellent speaker; I was fully prepared to be bored but she made the subject quite entertaining.

Reesa H.
Houston, TX

Best ethics CLE I've had.

Ilia Yvette F.
Highwood, IL

Very good presenter.

Jana Lee P.
Shelton, CT

Entertaining and informative presenter.

Elyssa L.
Boca Raton, FL

This course was great! The speaker was engaging, knowledgeable and what could have been a very dry topic interesting.

Michael C.
Palatine, IL

Very good

Maura K.
Niles, IL

The speaker was good -- she held my interest.

Judy K.
Highland Park, IL

Excellent presentation.

Ana M. M.
New York, NY

Excellent presentation

Donald S.
Cortlandt Manor, NY

Very nice.

William B.
Houston, TX

Her examples confirm common sense is still one of the best traits not to forget.

Steven F.
Garden City, NY

Enjoyed the case illustrations.

William G.
Fairfield, IA


Chaim L.
Valley Stream, NY

Excellent presentation

Brian S.
Hickory, NC

Very good. Touched on many scenarios.

Richard M.
Hamburg, NY

Very good program

Eve L.
Danville, IL

Excellent presentation!

Lee C.
Wheaton, IL

great topic!

Mike H.
Orlando, FL


David W.
Miami Beach, FL

Carol was fabulous!

Patricia F.
Chicago, IL

Very educational

Brenda S.
Coral Gables, FL

Excellent speaker

Mark H.
Houston, TX

very good class

Al T.
Houston, TX

great instructor

Ira L F.

Enjoyed this course.

Dem H.
LaSalle, IL

Very informative, great examples and VERY entertaining!

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White Plains, NY

Very entertaining

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Euless, TX

Entertainingly direct. Great presentation!

Caroline P.
Pensacola, FL

Interesting and thought provoking. Would like to hear more from her.

Cecelia B.
Dallas, TX

This speaker did a great job of making it interesting. She picked good cases to illustrate her points.

Gilmer, TX

I enjoyed the speaker. Good practical advice.

Catherine O.
Middle Village, NY

Good speaker, made a tough subject interesting

Martin C.
Austin, TX

Thanks for the insights.

Andrew F.
Rochester, NY

Engaging speaker

Randi W.
Oakland Gardens, NY

Speaker was very effective!

Peggy F.
Houston, TX

Great Course!

Jessica S.
Miami, FL

She's funny!

Richard C.
Glen Rock, NJ

Very good presenter

Judith Marie F.
Houston, TX

I real enjoyed Carol's presentation style - it kept me interested and wanting to hear more.

Diego V.
Chula Vista, CA


Edwin s.
coconut creek, FL

speaker was very good !

George B.
New York, NY

Excellent job of succinctly and entertainingly presenting the most important principles of a complex and vital subject.

Isolina E.
Bronx, NY


Nicholas G. K.
New York, NY

pretty good

Maggie I.
Woodside, NY

Excellent lecture - enjoyed the speaker very much.

reuben c.
Jurupa Valley, CA

good job

Andrea Kelli H.
White Plains, NY

Great speaker, the reference points were timely and directly related to the topics presented. Additionally, the presentation was delivered in an orderly manner. Kudos!

Robert C.
New York, NY

Awesome presentation - very informative, helpful and very entertaining!

Alexandra D.
San Francisco, CA

Made often boring content very very interesting. Great speaker and presenter.

Scott Edward C.
Coldspring, TX

This is the kind of instructor you need for all your courses! She really had it together and presented in an interesting and captivating manner.

Sandra A.
El Cajon, CA

I really enjoyed the speaker.

Nina Anne G.
Sausalito, CA

One of the most entertaining ethics programs I've ever experienced; also, very thorough and clear.

Joe H.
Westerville, OH

Very lively and (somewhat) unorthodox presentation (in a good way). Excellent real world examples of problems that attorneys encounter with "I wouldn't do that if I were you" admonishments which we all need from time to time. Very entertaining.

Suuzen Ty A.
The Villages, FL

Very entertaining examples make a memorable impression on listeners as to what attorneys should and should not do to adhere to the rules of professional ethics.

Christopher H.
Houston, TX

Entertaining speaker

susan F.
Larchmont, NY

very engaging speaker

Ira G.
Burbank, CA

Presenter is very knowledgeable with an enjoyable sense of humor.

Roman K.
Paramus, NJ

Great speaker. Great material.

Scott A.
Bayside, NY

The speaker was very knowledgeable about the subject and interesting to listen to.

Terri M.
West lake Village, CA

Excellent speaker

Michael E.
New York, NY

This is a tough topic to speak on for an hour and a half, but the speaker did a very nice job.

Emeline "Mickey" B.
Albuquerque, NM

Great seminar!

Stanley L.
Bronxville, NY

Great course!

Andrew B.
Los Angeles, CA

Nice job by lecturer!

Henry F.
Columbia, MD

Excellent program.

William R.
Dallas, TX


James B.
Irving, TX

Liked how she used actual cases and examples

Shelley F.
san antonio, TX

Excellent presentation

Charlene E.
Honesdale, PA

She is an exception speaker, and very entertaining.

Edward D.
East Hanover, NJ

very entertaining and informative

Briget d.
Dallas, TX

This was easily the most interesting and entertaining Ethics CLE I have taken!

Abrar Q.
Chicago, IL


Timothy P.
Dallas, TX

speaker is terrific...

Greeneville, TN

This was an engaging and entertaining presentation.

Fiona B.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Very lively, interesting and enjoyable anecdotes! Great job!

Adrienne B.
Basking Ridge, NJ

Informative and entertaining.

james h.
San Antonio, TX

Best ethics seminar I have had and very entertaining


really enjoyed

Michael B.
Spicewood, TX

Great use of cases and examples.

Sarah K.
Brooklyn, NY

Very engaging instructor - really enjoyed it and wasn't expecting to.

mitsuko o.
New York, NY


Ken R.
Chicago, IL

Engaging instructor

Juliana O.
Napanoch, NY

very good.

Florence Hagan S.
salisbury, MD

very well presented

Michelle T.
new york, NY

very entertaining!

Samer Y.
New York, NY

Good reminders on ethics!!!!

Eileen F.
Santa Cruz, CA

Good material covered

Bruce L.
Cumming, GA


Frank F.
Danbury, CT

Interesting presenter

Stefanie S.
New York, NY

Excellent presentation.

Joseph S.
Melville, NY

Carol Morokoff is a great speaker. Very good lecture.

Jeffrey M.
Livonia, MI

Quite detailed. Many citations.

Terry S.
Edison, NJ

Good discussion by lecturer.

Elise B.
Brooklyn, NY

Speaker was entertaining and offered good examples in support of the topic.

Carolyne A.
Larchmont, NY

Excellent and Entertaining Speaker. Really helps to bring in the anecdotal crazy stories, helps lighten up the dry ethics topic!

Paul N.
Lynbrook, NY

fun....not boring...speaker was energetic

David A.
San Diego, CA

Very well presented

Joung Ho K.
Flushing, NJ

Helpful tips for pitfalls in attorney practice.

Julie L.
Ellenville, NY

Presenter was great!

Richard K.
New York, NY