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The Nuts & Bolts Guide to New Jersey Divorce Law Practice - from Complaint to Judgment (Update)


Created on August 12, 2019




Navigating a divorce case from complaint to judgment is difficult. There are hazards at every stage of the proceedings which can derail your case at any time. This Divorce Law Guide, presented by retired Superior Court Judge Michael R. Casale, will help you safely avoid these pitfalls so that you can get your client what they want – a divorce judgment. This course serves as a basic guide of the various stages of a divorce case in New Jersey. The statutory and procedural hurdles are discussed in plain English so that even the new practitioner and the client can understand the lengthy and costly divorce practice.

Part of this course will focus on the latest "do's and don'ts" of divorce practice. You have enough adversaries in these cases – opposing counsel, the soon to be ex-spouse, and sometimes your client. It helps when you follow the Court Rules and the court procedures, and the Judge appreciates it. Don't make the trial judge your adversary too!

Join Judge Casale, presently Of Counsel at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis, LLP, in Roseland, New Jersey, as he provides strategic options, legal pitfalls, and practical tips in New Jersey divorce law.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the basics of your initial pleadings
  2. Develop the strategy of your case at the Initial Case Management Conference
  3. Discuss how to use the various settlement events to help resolve your case at an early stage
  4. Examine how to effectively retain expert witnesses
  5. Prepare effectively for trial

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