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The Medical Marijuana Application Process for Growers, Dispensaries, and More

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Produced on May 15, 2017

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Twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia have some combination of legalized cannabis, either decriminalization, “adult use” (recreational) and medical markets. Groups like NORML, the National Cannabis Bar Association, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Students for Sensible Drug Policy are advocating on both the state and federal levels to end the cannabis prohibition. News coverage in the last election cycle spent considerable time covering states like Montana, Nevada, California, and Florida that voted by ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana or adult use markets. Overall, the marijuana industry grew to $6.9 billion in sales in 2016 and is predicted to hit $50 billion by 2026.

Once a state votes on a ballot measure or the state legislature passes a bill opening the door to legalization, states must still create an application process to select license holders. The licensing process can be administrative or highly competitive depending on the state. In Nevada, licensees filled out applications and state regulators picked winners out of the state lottery machines. States like Maryland, New Jersey, and New York used a highly competitive application process that regulators graded on a point system.

This course, presented by Bridget Hill-Zayat and Matthew Schweber, reviews the application landscape and addresses some of the current and potential future advancement of the industry.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review the current states with legalization and the general characteristics of those markets.
  2. Identify the different types of licenses states award
  3. Asses the different types of application processes (competitive v. noncompetitive) and the commonalities found amongst the various states application processes
  4. Anticipate the future broadening or retraction of the cannabis industry in the US 


Matthew S. Schweber

Paduano & Weintraub LLP

Matthew S. Schweber is a writer and civil litigator, specializing in family law, cannabis regulation, and intellectual property. In addition, Matt acts as a legal consultant to hedge funds and venture capital firms investing in medical marijuana enterprises; advises companies providing treatment and ancillary services to medical marijuana patients; and is devising a website,, which compiles cannabis statutes, ordinances, and case law and which analyses related legal developments.       

Matthew has published articles on American culture, literature, and law in Dissent, CrossCurrents, and Salon; has created an introductory college survey course in American Studies called “The American Idea/The Idea of America”; and has lectured on the constitutional questions posed by cannabis’ bifurcated legal scheme.  

He also has served as co-chair of the New York Bar Association’s Municipal Cannabis Subcommittee; has participated in panel discussion on cannabis and federalism; and he belongs to the National Cannabis Bar Association. 

Bridget Hill-Zayat

Hill Zayat Law Group

Bridget Hill-Zayat is the owner of Hill-Zayat Law. Her practice mainly focuses on the energy and cannabis industries. 

Ms. Hill-Zayat leverages her unique combination energy and cannabis experience, as well as business insights and trends to help her clients build, invest, and maintain successful cannabis businesses. Ms. Hill-Zayat advises clients on key legal and business issues relating to the cannabis industry like banking, transportation, security and compliance.

She has extensive experience advising growers, processors and dispensaries on business and legal requirements such as state regulations regarding advertising, labeling, transportation, storage and hiring , as well as the municipal and community development needs unique to cannabis businesses.

Ms. Hill-Zayat is active in the cannabis industry. She was selected to participate in Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach's “Regulatory-Palooza” an event convened to develop standards and methods for cannabis regulations in the Commonwealth. She testified in front of the Philadelphia City Council to advise on strategies the City can employ to increase energy efficiency, foster the cannabis market and help growers, processors, and dispensaries thrive. She continues to engage the legal community on cannabis issues and hosts speaking events in coordination with the National Cannabis Bar Association, where regulators and policy makers meet to discuss the implications of new laws and regulations on the cannabis industry and related business owners.


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