The Lawyer's Role in Emergency Preparedness, Response and Accident Investigation

Production Date: October 06, 2015 Practice Areas: Litigation and Aviation & Aerospace Estimated Length: 5556 minutes


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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent federal agency that is responsible for investigating civil aviation accidents as well as significant accidents involving transportation by railroad, highway, marine and pipeline. For many companies and their lawyers, the first encounter with the NTSB will be after a major accident has occurred. The post-accident environment is positively hostile to learning, however, and those who have not trained are prone to many basic mistakes, sometimes with substantial legal consequences. 


In this course, Dentons Partner Dane Jaques addresses what you need to know to understand the NTSB and the lawyer’s role in emergency preparedness, emergency response and accident investigation in the aftermath of a major accident. Mr. Jaques has represented dozens of clients in investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board and various foreign accident investigation authorities.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the workings of the NTSB and the regulations and how they influence the investigation

II.    Anticipate and plan for issues arising from the NTSB party process

III.   Recognize basic mistakes that frequently occur in the absence of preparation

IV.   Identify appropriate training topics for clients and their attorneys

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Well presented

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excellent. informative and to the point. while limited in role, there is much to do for atty in context of NTSB investigation process

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Terrific presentation---tremendous practical insights into how to approach and go through the investigative process, and VERY well organized and clear speaker!

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This course is probably a course in which a very small group of lawyers will ever need to know, however it is one of the most interesting CLE's I've attended.

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The speaker was excellent. He really knew the area and was clear and down to earth. It's hard to imagine someone doing a better job on this topic.

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As a licensed pilot and lawyer this presentation was very interesting and almost as entertaining as the movie Sully.

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Outstanding presentation! Extremely informative and comprehensive. Best course I have attended through Lawline.

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I found this one quite absorbing and very interesting, even though it was outside my usual practice area.

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Good overview of the process and potential pitfalls. Good practical advice.

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Dane Jaques, the presenter, truly understood the topic and presented it in a practical and useful manner.

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Mr. Dean Jaques delivered a concise and focused presentation. Interesting. Good work.

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Is not applicable to my practice, but very interesting.

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Well presented and full of relevant information.

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This program provides much valuable material for dealing with the NTSB following an accident and subsequent investigation. This program is wonderful for anyone whose practice area involves the NTSB. Mr. Jacques is a fine presenter with a wealth of information!

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Content was well presented for subject matter

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very interesting if it's appropriate to say that about a disaster

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Overall a good program with interesting information

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The speaker presented the course with knowledge and confidence. My practice is in a small city near an airport and a RR track where a train transports "material' to the local university. Practicing in this area [accident investigation] may be complicat

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Extremely helpful information for anyone practicing in the transportation industry----

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