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The Jury Trial of LGBT Discrimination Claims: A Plaintiff's Perspective

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Produced on June 22, 2017

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This course examines the critical components of a jury trial, providing information about both federal and state court processes. The course is designed to provide practical instruction relevant to the important components of the jury process, including trial preparation, voir dire, the jury verdict sheet, and jury instructions.

Attorney Colleen Meenan provides her first-hand knowledge and experience in dealing with cases involving LGBT individuals and shares important advice about how to address juror bias.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss trial preparation, including the creation of a trial notebook
  2. Review voir dire principles and how to prepare for the voir dire process
  3. Identify strategies to avoid or mitigate anti-gay bias amongst the jurors
  4. Develop best practices for delivering effective opening and closing statements, and strong witness examinations
  5. Master the introduction of trial exhibits
  6. Explore how to properly make objections during trial
  7. Analyze federal procedural rules regarding motions for judgment as a matter of law and closing arguments
  8. Understand the purpose of jury instructions, and examine a sample jury verdict sheet


Colleen Meenan

Meenan & Associates, LLC

Colleen is the founder of Meenan & Associates, a general law practice located in New York City, where she has fostered insightful legal strategies for both businesses and individuals for over 25 years. Before practicing law, Colleen was a decorated New York City police officer. Colleen's selfless sense of service and innate "street smarts" influence the firm's core values which include loyalty to the client's best interests, personalized attention, and instinctive problem solving.

Colleen continues to advocate for the fair and equitable treatment of employees with respect to compensation, work terms and conditions, contracts and severance. She has obtained successful jury verdicts after trial in a number of employment related cases, including in the case of Elliot v. City of New York, 99-cv-9308 (SDNY)(Mukasey) and Sorrenti v. City of New York, Index 126981/02 (N.Y. Co. Sup. Ct.). 

Significant victories she has obtained for clients have been affirmed by the New York State Court of Appeals in the cases of Albunio v. City of New York, 16 N.Y.3d 472 (2011) and Sandiford v. City of New York, 22 N.Y. 3d 914 (2013). These favorable appellate court decisions clarified the interpretation to be applied by the trial courts in analyzing claims of retaliation under the New York City Human Rights Law.

In her efforts to advance the rights of employees, Colleen testified before the New York City Council in December of 2015 in support of Int. 0814-2015, a proposed amendment to the City's human rights law, requiring trial Courts to correctly interpret the statute and recognize its broad and remedial purposes. This amendment was subsequently passed by the City Council, amending Administrative Code§ 8-130.

In 2016, Colleen was instrumental in developing the legal strategy which challenged the New York City Police Department's discriminatory treatment of hearing disabled police officers. Under Colleen's leadership, this legal challenge was successful and resulted in  a change in how police officers who sustain hearing loss are treated by the NYPD. See, James Phillips and Dan Carione v. City of New York, 11cv6685 (SDNY) (Polk-Failla). 

Her efforts on behalf of employees and victims of discrimination are ongoing. 


cindy m.

The speaker was excellent and very knowledgeable about her area of expertise. Thank you!

Michael Y.

Good primer/refresher on trial and post-trial strategy generally, with a focus on LGBT discrimination litigation.


Excellent presentation

Joyce K.

Good talk!

Lucy M.

This lecture is an informative and practical guide to competent trial preparation for any issue, not just LGBTQ cases.

Harold L.

Good presentation.

Emily M.

Very helpful overview of trial preparation.

Joseph F.

Excellent and informative presentation.

Michael V.

very informative and timely topic

Daniel O.

Not only assists in my practice, but also in advice to family members.

Elizabeth F.

Excellent presentation loaded with useful practice pointers.

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