The Intersection Between Medical Malpractice and Hospital, Nursing Home, and Rehab Facilities

Production Date: September 21, 2015 Practice Areas: Personal Injury and Negligence, Litigation, and Elder Law Estimated Length: 5602 minutes


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As our medicine progresses and people age, the course of treatment becomes more complicated. Often, patients are not simply discharged home. More and more frequently, people are discharged to rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing homes, and long term acute care hospitals (LTACH). Understanding these facilities, including what they do and do not do, how they operate, and how they get paid, is important to properly represent your clients.


Join Stark & Stark’s Michael Brusca and David Cohen as they explain the interplay between these facilities, the various medical malpractice issues that may arise, and how to effectively represent a client in these matters.   


Learning Objectives:

I.    Recognize the differences between the types of facilities and how the facilities work with each other 

II.   Determine the negligent party 

III.  Identify what documents to look for in a medical record to quickly determine a patient’s status

IV.  Grasp how the regulations work within the various facilities   

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very informative and I'm doing this 40 years

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An excellent review of an area that, as a medmal attorney, I was not conversant in.

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The speakers did a great job of explaining how to approach and analyze where, when and how a patient came to harm when in usually two or more institutions, with valuable practical guidance as to how to drill down and need to obtain regulations, surveys, reports, staffing levels, etc. (Invaluable to know just for personal life in possibly preventing harm coming to a loved one who has to be in one of these places.)

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