The Integration of Energy and Environmental Law: Trends & Predictions

Production Date: April 25, 2017 Practice Areas: Environmental Law and Oil, Gas, & Energy Law Estimated Length: 3600 minutes


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Legal developments in environmental law have been dominated by key energy issues, including climate change, electric generation, oil and gas development and renewable energy. 2016, the final year of the Obama Administration, saw the issuance of major regulations and federal agency policies in this area, including the Clean Power Plan, methane regulations and energy development assessment and permitting. The Trump Administration is poised to review and perhaps change many of these rules and policies.

This course looks at recent developments in the energy/environmental law interface from the regulatory and judicial perspectives.  It also examines what might be expected in the new administration.   

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify the key issues along the energy and environmental law interface

  2. Understand the role these energy issues are playing in the development of environmental law

  3. Gain a perspective on the status of existing rules and policies and what might change through judicial, legislative and executive agency action

Peter F.
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Excellent presentation

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Fascinating view of the impact of change in Presidential administrations. Excellent presentation!

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Please continue to offer updates on this topic.

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Absolutely excellent (and remarkably balanced) presentation about the Trump administration's war against our planet's environmental health & sustainability.

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thanks - a lot of really helpful information packed into an hour - impressive speaker - thanks!

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Very informative regarding areas of future uncertainty.

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Good presenter. the change in administrations made this a hard CLE in some ways as it was very open ended - as it would have to be at this point. I hope that he does an updated CLE once things at the federal level get more ironed out.

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The presenter was great.

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