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The Ethics Of Outsourcing: Outsourcing And The New Small Firm


Created on April 26, 2018




Imagine a world where your firm is always awake and working ‐ even while your opposing counsel sleeps. Join attorney Tamar Cerafici in an updated installment of her popular discussion on outsourcing as she explains how this is a growing occurrence among firms across the United States.

Specifically, Ms. Cerafici will explore the realm of legal outsourcing and the demographic trends associated with it both nationally and abroad. Ms. Cerafici will illuminate the impacts that such practices have on the U.S. legal market as well as the ethical issues that may arise. She will also provide insight into how the ABA has continued to approach this increasingly popular strategy and how such "outsourcing" can work for various U.S. practices.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define “legal outsourcing”
  2. Identify ethical issues in the use of outsourcing in the legal industry
  3. Discuss how the ABA and local bar counsel tend to respond
  4. Implement outsourcing in the small practice
  5. Address cybersecurity issues in legal outsourcing

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