The Ethics Of Outsourcing: Outsourcing And The New Small Firm

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Produced on: April 26, 2018

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Time 60 minutes
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Imagine a world where your firm is always awake and working ‐ even while your opposing counsel sleeps. Join attorney Tamar Cerafici in an updated installment of her popular discussion on outsourcing as she explains how this is a growing occurrence among firms across the United States.

Specifically, Ms. Cerafici will explore the realm of legal outsourcing and the demographic trends associated with it both nationally and abroad. Ms. Cerafici will illuminate the impacts that such practices have on the U.S. legal market as well as the ethical issues that may arise. She will also provide insight into how the ABA has continued to approach this increasingly popular strategy and how such "outsourcing" can work for various U.S. practices.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define “legal outsourcing”
  2. Identify ethical issues in the use of outsourcing in the legal industry
  3. Discuss how the ABA and local bar counsel tend to respond
  4. Implement outsourcing in the small practice
  5. Address cybersecurity issues in legal outsourcing


Tamar Cerafici

Cerafici Law Firm

Ms. Cerafici currently focuses her practice on small nuclear reactor financing and nuclear environmental projects. She has been a leader in this emerging environmental and energy field since 2001. In her twenty-year career, she has worked closely with stakeholders, regulators, and owners to develop unique management strategies for hazardous materials, including high-level and low-level nuclear waste cleanup. She is internationally recognized for her ability to bridge the current divide between environmental issues and nuclear development.

When not practicing nuclear law, Ms. Cerafici supports Environmental and Climate Change Projects. She focuses her non-nuclear work on Green Building practices and permitting clean coal and other alternative energy sources. She has taught and practiced environmental law for 20 years.

Ms. Cerafici has also provided counseling to environmental clients on wide-ranging issues. She has developed strategies for cleaning up and managing waste at DOE and DOD sites nationwide. She has counseled federal clients on environmental cleanup of unexploded ordinance and firing ranges. She has also provided counseling and representation to businesses faced with challenges under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and as federal and state Superfund claims.


National Environmental Policy Act for licensing new nuclear facilities; negotiation with regulatory agencies, dispute resolution


Wayne H.

One of the best Lawline instructors I’ve had. Very informative, knows her material.

John T.

Very good presentation.

Walter M.

Very pleasant and knowledgeable presenter.

Jo M.

Knowledgeable, engaged, and interesting presenter. I didn't expect to be as fascinated by the topic as I was. Well done.

Brian R.

Another good one.

Gregory K.

Great course!



Yvenne K.

EXCELLENT presentation. Tamar opened my eyes to the changing landscape of the business of law. Thank you!!!

Paul S.

Very interesting program!

Carl K.

Really innovative thinking!

Justin L.

Great CLE. Useful and inspiring.

Shana B.

Very important information

Daniel M.

Well done.

david m.

Best presentation ever. Amazing topics- thank-you

Kelley O.

This was the best CLE I have ever taken; excellent presentation

James T.


Marlon S.

Lecturer was terrific. so much so that I am now thinking of contacting her to see how I can change my involvement in law to do/re-brand my entire work flow. Bravo! Engaging, informative and down to earth.

Stephen K.

Another Great course by Lawline

Paul M.

Very relevant information for the solo practitioner.

Sheila B.

Loved this program! Please ask the presenter to do another program on how to set up a cloud practice.

Karen J.

The presenter read several quotes during her presentation; I would have liked to have those quotes included with the slides so that I could refer back to them at a later time, as I found the quotes insightful.

Frank B.

Tamar was very good and also answered the questions presented in real time - very well done!

Luann D.

Very interesting program! So many issues raised it could have been a much longer program and still have kept your interest.

Lisa K.

Appreciated the speaking style. Good presentation.

Mark S.

Very good written materials and presentation.

Diane H.

Great slides. Excellent presenter. Interesting topic.

Jamie T.

Excellent program, thank you!

Allison L.

Timely topic. Good recommendations.

Antoine M.

As always, excellent presentation and superb moderator support.

nina m.

Interesting topic & engaging speaker!

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