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The Effects of the Evolving Media Industry on the Sports Industry's Legal Environment

1h 36m

Created on February 12, 2018




This program, presented by Jenner & Block Special Counsel David Sussman, will review how the ever-evolving media industry is affecting the sports industry. Sussman will begin by providing an overview of each industry before exploring the many ways in which the industries overlap, particularly in the area of sports programming content. He will then offer an analysis of recent changes to the sports-media legal environment, before considering prospective future changes to the industries.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review traditional platforms in the media industry and the traditional economic model, and analyze new and emerging platforms and the corresponding new economic model
  2. Provide an overview of the sports industry, and understand media industry payments to sports leagues and teams
  3. Explore how media and sports intersect to provide sports programming content
  4. Examine how various changes in the media industry, such as net neutrality, retransmission consent & carriage disputes, copyright and content protection, a la carte programming, and more, present legal issues and changes in the legal environment for the sports industry
  5. Consider the legal ramifications of potential future changes to the sports and media industries, including sports format changes and the shifting definition of sports

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