The CSI Effect: Using DNA to Defeat Jurors' Inflated Expectations

Production Date: July 26, 2016 Practice Areas: Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Discovery & E-Discovery Estimated Length: 3636 minutes


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This course reviews crime scene investigation and forensic evidence with a focus on the science behind DNA and latent prints. The course explores strategies for jury selection and trial with particular focus on addressing the science of DNA, latent prints, and modern technology through cross examination and jury selection techniques. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the science of DNA

II.    Apply DNA science to effective jury selection

III.   Prepare appropriate cross examination questions for DNA experts

IV.   Effectively address issues with crime scene investigation

V.    Understand the science of latent fingerprints

VI.   Apply the science to trial techniques

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Valuable information on fingerprint and DNA evidence

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Our speaker is the most no-holds-barred direct and clear speaker I've ever seen or heard in a CLE. Bravo to her! More importantly, I learned a ton of things that I didn't know. I'm a civil lawyer moving in t the briefing and appeals phases of criminal cases, and this is really helpful! Thank you!!

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