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The California Consumer Privacy Act – A New Frontier for Data Privacy in the United States


Created on February 28, 2019



Following closely on the heels of the European Union’s GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act – or “CCPA” – is the newest iteration of data privacy rules proliferating around the world. After years of high-profile privacy scandals and as more companies become victims of cybercrime, lawmakers are responding by adopting robust rules that protect the personal information that consumers entrust to a wide-range of businesses every day. This program will detail the origins, applicability, and requirements of the CCPA, as well as practical compliance considerations. Given the wide applicability of the CPPA to businesses both inside and outside of California, this course will benefit attorneys nationwide.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the requirements of the CCPA and what they mean for businesses – both inside and outside of California
  2. Examine how the CCPA compares to other data privacy regimes, including the EU’s GDPR
  3. Develop practical strategies to ensure compliance with the CCPA when it becomes effective in 2020

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