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The Business of Fashion - People and Politics (Part III): Disability Alphabet Soup Update


Created on March 28, 2017




The business of fashion is difficult, particularly from a labor and employment perspective. Specifically, how do these companies handle employees with disabilities and what, if any, accommodations are reasonable and/or required?  

In an update to their original program, attorneys Rania V. Sedhom and Marjorie M. Glover assist with the deciphering of disability alphabet soup, including: 

  • STD (short-term disability)
  • LTD (long-term disability)
  • ADA
  • FMLA  

The duo address if and how these acronyms relate, as well as which laws employers turn to when an employee requests an accommodation. As it relates to the retail environment, practitioners will learn what is considered reasonable and what changes, if any, must be made to the selling floor in order to help retail professionals perform their duties.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify and understand the disability alphabet soup;
    1. STD
    2. LTD
    3. ADA
    4. ADAAA
    5. FMLA
  2. Understand which laws apply to which situations
  3. Discuss when to allow other leaves of absence
  4. Grasp the reasonability of reasonable accommodation
  5. Recognize employee responsibility
  6. Address the issues related to returning to work

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