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The Appellate Process at the NY State Appellate Division: Techniques For Writing Better Appellate Briefs


Created on June 23, 2016




A successful appeal has many working parts: researching, writing, and organizing an appellate brief and performing your best at oral argument are the basics.  


In this course, join attorney Stephen Preziosi as he provides tips and advice on how to write better appellate briefs and present better oral arguments on appeal. He breaks down the process for you on everything from writing better sentences and paragraphs to crafting and organizing better legal arguments. Perhaps most importantly, the mechanics of using language persuasively and creating and realizing opportunities for persuasion are explored in brief writing and at oral argument.   


Start persuading with the statement of facts by learning to use the literary techniques of the masters. Use thematic thinking, invoke indelible imagery, produce powerful prose, and actualize alluring argument. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand how to use language more persuasively 

II.    Create more memorable - and persuasive - arguments in your appellate briefs 

III.   Perform better at oral arguments before a panel of appellate judges 

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