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The ABCs of Trademarks


Created on November 05, 2018




In this course, attorney Roman Basi, addresses best practices for seeking a trademark. He discusses what an initial search for similar trademarks can tell you and what it looks like, as well as what can happen when a trademark is registered versus unregistered, and when common law applies. Providing real-life examples of how to apply for a trademark, he also address subjects such as specimens, in use and intent to use, and value add and valuation.

Additionally, this program will cover federal trademark infringement, trademark renewals, and - ever so timely - the internet and its impact on trademarks. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the elements necessary to determine if you can register for a trademark
  2. Appreciate the expiration periods for the different types of trademarks and the renewal process
  3. File and pursue an opposition to a previously filed trademark
  4. Address issues of trademark infringement at the federal level
  5. Discuss the internet and its impact on trademarks

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