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Texas Oil & Gas Law Fundamentals: Easements

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Produced on June 18, 2014

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Time 91 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

Course Description

Easements are an important area of practice for any real estate attorney, but they take on an especially prominent role in oil and gas title examination. Clearly, oil companies need to know where easements are located so they can avoid obstructing the easements, causing unnecessary problems with surface owners, or accidentally drilling into a pipeline. However, easements are also extremely important from a title examiner’s perspective.  Many instruments which purport to create easements actually convey strips of land in fee simple. These instruments can be extremely dangerous when an oil company drills within a platted subdivision or near a river.  


Join oil and gas law attorney, Josh Stein, as he provides a broad overview of the nature of easements in Texas and the various aspects of easements which play a prominent role in oil and gas title examination.


Learning Objectives:

I. Understand the nature and types of easements

II. Distinguish between easements and conveyances in fee simple

III. Use the strip and gore doctrine and the centerline principal


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Josh Stein

Fergus & Fergus

Josh Stein is a Texas oil and gas title attorney and graduate of Boston College Law School. The majority of his practice is dedicated to drafting drilling and division order title opinions. He has written title opinions on tracts throughout Texas, including lands bounded by avulsive rivers and pooled units within urban subdivisions. 

Josh Stein has also represented landowners in matters involving surface use agreements, termination of nonproductive leases, and nonpayment of oil and gas royalties. In addition to oil and gas, he has represented clients on matters involving public beach access rights and hurricane relief on Galveston Island.


Douglass H.

Good program and presenter

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Thank you.

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Perfect for a beginner.

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Great info. Thanks.

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Good course

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Great course with extensive coverage. Excellent and interesting presenter!

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gifted lecturer - great information, solid insights and knowledge

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Very concise speech for the subject matter. Josh made a usually boring topic interesting.

Clayton H.

Another great presentation by Josh. Good range of diverse experience with easements. Very helpful

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Great presentation. Very informative. This speaker always puts on a great program.

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excellent treatment of a difficult issue

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Very good into course on oil and gas and property.

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Well done!

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very knowledgeable and articulate speaker!

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surprisingly interesting. Good presenter.

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Excellent presentation. Extremely knowledgeable.

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Very useful information in this course.

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Excellent presentation

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Good delivery and presentation... interesting, entertaining, and informative.

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The slides had a lot of information on them

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Very interesting. Good speaker.

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Good general overview of easements etc.

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Great speaker. Very personable and knowledgeable.

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Very good info for South Texas

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Josh is always informative and entertaining.

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