Tax Advantaged Use of Life Insurance in Retirement Planning

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Estimated Duration 60 Minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

The retirement planning challenges everyone is faced with are constantly changing due to changes in the tax laws. Many people do not understand the pitfalls between investing for retirement savings and simply saving for retirement. When it comes to your future and your hard-earned money, do you really want to rely on speculation, hoping that stock prices rise instead of fall? Or... would you prefer to save with predictable gains secured by compound interest that cannot be lost?

This course, presented by retirement planning attorney Joseph Adelizzi, offers both a refresher on the basics of retirement saving and the tax treatment of the traditional retirement plans. It discusses the application of tax-favored use of life insurance policies to accomplish enhanced retirement plan distributions that put more money into retirees pockets when they actually retire. Case studies of certain planning ideas are demonstrated and retirement distributions from plans are illustrated to show the difference between taxable and non-taxable strategies. For both experienced and new practitioners, this program pulls back the curtain on the tax favored use of life insurance in retirement planning.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Examine the laws in the Internal Revenue Code that allow for the establishment of tax favored use of life insurance policies for retirement purposes
  2. Review some of the problems and challenges associated with saving for retirement and the adverse tax treatment most retirement plans are subject to upon distribution, such as:
    • Tax rates
    • Qualified plans
    • Deductible vs. non-deductible contributions
    • Planning ideas
    • Distribution - taxable vs. non-taxable
  3. Discover some of the benefits of establishing a properly structured life insurance policy that may be used for retirement on a tax favored basis
  4. Discuss the various tax rates, and the various qualified retirement plans under the Internal Revenue Code
  5. Explore various funding techniques with deductible contributions vs. non-deductible contributions


Joseph Adelizzi

Security Planning Group, Inc.

Joseph Adelizzi is an attorney and principal of Security Planning Group, Inc. He has been in practice since 1984 and has litigated cases for some of the nation’s largest insurance companies. He is admitted to the following: California Supreme Court, State Bar of California; United States District Courts, Central District and Southern District of California; United States Tax Court, all 50 states. He is a certified Mediator and served on the Settlement Conference Panel of the San Diego Superior Court as a Judge Pro Tem from 1987 to 2006. He is rated as “Distinguished” by Martindale Hubbell and in a recent run for Superior Court Judge in 2014 was vetted by the San Diego County Bar Association and was the only civil litigator in that election rated “Qualified” for the position of Superior Court Judge.

He has handled appellate cases successfully and has won trials in the areas of Employment Law, Federal & State FDCPA litigation, Business, Civil and Contract Litigation. He acts as approved insurance defense counsel for CHUBB and CNA in the areas of defense of professional negligence cases.

He founded Security Planning Group, Inc., as a group of legal professionals who are constantly striving to expand the professional and public knowledge about financial self-defense plans to guard against Governmental Security, the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Health Services, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, which are just a short list of the potential threats to your family's financial security and your own personal rights.

He also assists clients by preparing documents that guarantee the right to maintain personal dignity and wishes in the event they cannot make those decisions for themselves, avoiding unnecessary governmental intrusion into their private affairs.

On a personal note, Mr. Adelizzi, is a native New Yorker who has been a resident of Encinitas, California since 1981. He is married to his wife, Margaret and has two grown children. In his spare time, Mr. Adelizzi enjoys a variety of activities such as golf, scuba diving, fishing, skiing and racing as a seven-time Ironman competitive triathlete.


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