Submitting a Successful IRS Offer in Compromise (2016 Update)

Production Date: December 07, 2016 Practice Areas: Tax Law and Bankruptcy & Restructuring Estimated Length: 5628 minutes


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This course reviews the options of tax resolution including the IRS offer in compromise procedure used to satisfy tax claims.

The types of offers will be discussed with their respective requirements. Doubt as to liability, doubt as to collectability, and Effective Tax Administration Offers will be covered as appropriate options for applicable taxpayer tax problems.

For doubt as to collectability offers, the steps for processing an offer will be analyzed with a discussion on the importance of detailing and supporting all necessary living expenses on a form 433-a (OIC) or 433-b (OIC). These are the critical forms needed to support the form 656 offer in compromise form.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand when an offer in compromise is appropriate in contrast to other taxpayer options for resolution
  2. Understand the appropriate offer form for submission to IRS
  3. Understand the completion process for a form 433-a (OIC) or form 433-b (OIC)
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