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Stress Management for Attorneys: Ethical Traps for the Unwary

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Produced on August 07, 2020

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Time 1h 2m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Ethics

Course Description

The American Bar Association Model Rules 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 address the relationship a lawyer has with his or her client. From competence and diligence to adequacy and quality of communication with a client, a lawyer’s ability to meet these duties can become impaired when a lawyer suffers from chronic stress.

This course, presented by certified appellate law specialist and ethics advisor Francine Tone, addresses what constitutes chronic stress, the many ways lawyers unknowingly suffer from chronic stress, and the ethical arenas and specific ethical duties that are often violated as a result of chronic stress. The course will benefit attorneys who are struggling with chronic stress and the practice of law.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the neuroscience of stress and its impact on your fitness to practice law
  2. Identify the ethical obligations that can be compromised as a result of chronic stress
  3. Incorporate strategies for managing stress to reduce its impact on ethical obligations and how you practice law

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Francine Tone

Tone and Tone

Attorneys are faced with keeping up with new technology, instant access to everything and everyone, artificial intelligence, speed, and a ton of bells and whistles of the 21st century, while operating in a world traditionally known for lack of speed. What are the key components to help you thrive, maintain sanity, and provide the best legal services to your clients? Francine Tone, your CLE presenter, believes that trust-building skills and leadership skills based on high emotional intelligence is what will help you weather the world that is unfolding, keep you relevant and sharp, and help you avoid burnout in a world designed to foster burnout. Her CLE courses, mostly stemming from ethics, are designed to negotiate the ethical land mines while developing skills and practices that will elevate you to the top of your game.

​Francine Tone has been involved in the legal business for over 40 years and has been a California lawyer since 1989. She is the managing partner of Tone & Tone, Attorneys at Law. She is an Appellate Law Specialist, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, with a focus on real estate, business, family law, and criminal defense. She has also sat as a judge pro tem for over 20 years. She is also a litigation and trial strategist helping trial attorneys shore up cases to reduce the likelihood of appeal or prevail on appeal.

Francine is a trust-building expert and author of the award-winning #1 bestselling book What Every Good Lawyer Wants You To Know: An Insider’s Guide on How to Reduce Stress, Reduce Costs, and Get the Most From Your Lawyer. She is also an emotional intelligence expert, certified to administer and coach from the most reliable emotional intelligence assessments, the EQi-2.0 and EQi-360.

Francine is also the principal consultant at Francine Tone & Associates LLC. Attorneys and Law Firms hire her to realign their relationship with their profession because most are struggling with stress, burnout, and sheer exhaustion. So she helps re-ignite their passion, crystalize innovative thinking and implement reduced-stress problem-solving skills to enhance productivity and love of life and career. Bottom line, you grow your practice and live your life with a smile. 

Francine has a mission to grow businesses and lifestyles structured around relationships built on iron-clad trust using strategies supported by modern brain science. Her escaping an exceptionally challenging childhood and helping her son to recover from a severe traumatic brain injury that almost left him a vegetable fuels her drive.

Francine is also a top certified ski instructor and trainer, a scuba divemaster, a podium-finishing standup paddleboard racer and surfs her standup paddleboard in Hawaii for several weeks each year. ​Francine is married to her law partner and lives in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, California.

Attorney | Speaker | Leadership Trainer | Business Strategist | 4-Time #1 Bestselling Author | High-Performance Athlete 

To learn how to work with Francine Tone, please visit www.FrancineTone.com or schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation at http://bit.ly/FToneAPPT


George K.

nice course

G Q Buck V.

One of the best courses that I have taken. I'd like to view it every month for a while. I loved it.

David D.

Fantastic communicator.

Lynne F.

Feeling calmer already.

Robert C.

This course was so good, I watched it twice back to back!

Christine W.

Nice presentation flow, very informative.

Corey M.

Presenter was really great. Very likeable and good information.

Carol B.

one of the best ethics course I have seen about the emotional impact on us in this occupation

Robert S.

OUtstanding presentation

Thomas C.

One of the best presenters and Lawline programs I've encountered.

TeriMichelle J.

Excellent course ! Presenter was engaging and interesting.

Jill O.

Really good!

Claire K.

Please offer more courses from this presenter!

Mark M.

Engaging presentation with great practical advice at the end.

Karen L.

Very interesting and well presented.

Steve M.

Outstanding course. Instructor took an extremely empathetic approach to a topic many attorneys feel, but are likely afraid to address for fear it could make them appear weak. Ms. Tone did a great job throughout.

Elizabeth S.

This was an engaging course. Helpful tips for managing chronic stress.

James W.

Nicely done; thanks.

Gerard R.

The planning and organization was great.

Alan F.

excellent course

Bernadine K.

great course! very timely and interesting!

Kristin Keely R.

Fascinating course - I really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit - very practical.

David D.

Excellent presentation!

Shawn O.

She did a very nice job. Compelling with anecdotes and science.

Patra L.

good, but the other one was better, even though this acknowledges the covid pandemic

Amy S.

Francine is so personable!

Matthew J.

Helpful course for any time, but especially for 2020. Gave me some things to put into practice and think about going forward.

Robert K.

Good and practical

Ron W.

Informative and authentic presentation. A good reminder of how things can go so very wrong so quickly, or unwittingly over time.

Carmel J.

engaging speaker

Nina N.

Very enlightening.

Carrie K.

Excellent! Should be required for ALL attorneys!

Shawn Q.

very useful course. I would listen to it even if it was not a CLE credit.

Carolyn A.

Very good info

Marian W.

One of the best programs I have seen on the topic. Very interesting and engaging, with really sound practical suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to provide this lesson!

Roger F.

Great program

julie f.

I loved the connection between the physical impact of stress, tips to reduce stress, and how this impacts ethics. Interesting presentation-nicely done

gerard m.

Very good presentation important for all lawyers to be aware of and understand stress great presentation

Catherine H.

thanks, great presenter and this program was really interesting and informative as well as appropriate for these unusually stressful times, thanks again

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