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Strategies for Terminating Construction Contracts

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Produced on April 10, 2017

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Time 1h 30m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Contract Real Estate

Course Description

The termination of contracts is problematic for all the parties involved on a construction project - the owners, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects or sureties. Project delays, cost-overruns, defective work and other issues may only get worse unless clients obtain seasoned advice from counsel knowledgeable in the legal and contractual considerations. This course is designed to identify the risks and hazards involved when clients contemplate such actions, and to equip attorneys to provide strategic advice to guide their clients’ decisions. For counsel advising contractors and subcontractors whose contracts may be terminated, this program also explores strategic steps to be taken when facing threats of contract termination. The course will give you insight in helping your clients find ways to protect their interests, mitigate losses and avoid a “lose-lose” situation.

Join Barry B. Bramble for a discussion of these issues. Mr. Bramble, an internationally known and respected attorney and consultant, has successfully served as co-counsel, expert witness and arbitrator who deals firsthand with resolving such challenges. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Grasp the important differences between Termination for Default and Termination for Convenience

  2. Learn the proper grounds for default termination and avoid the common pitfalls in terminating for default

  3. Know the important considerations your clients should be aware of before terminating a construction contract

  4. Understand the procedures that must be strictly followed in terminating a contract for default

  5. Handle and respond to threats of termination, and develop strategic responses

  6. Comprehend the nuances of Terminations for Convenience

  7. Identify the proper way for a contractor to terminate a construction contract

  8. Avoid the pitfalls of wrongful termination

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Barry Bramble

Bramble LLP

Barry B. Bramble is an attorney, consultant and recognized authority in the specialized area of construction contracts and delay claims. He has advised clients on contracts and contract disputes, and provided expert testimony on delay, disruption, cost recovery, and other construction-related matters. He has authored several books on construction law including the landmark treatises Construction Delay Claims and Discovery in Construction Litigation, both in their 4th editions. He has worked as co-counsel, serving as a valuable resource to attorneys of record to meet the complex challenges of construction contract litigation..  

General Experience:

Mr. Bramble has represented a wide variety of clients involved in construction claims and litigation on buildings and civil projects, education facilities, highrise offices, multi-family residential buildings, justice facilities, arenas, airports, highways, transit systems, and marine facilities in California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Utah, and internationally. Issues included delays, acceleration, lost productivity, differing site conditions, unit price variations, design errors, default termination, and other contract disputes.


Amy M.

Great course!

Patrick G.

Excellent presentation.

Russell A.

great class.. construction is complicated but htis calls effectively explained it and brought the major concepts and legal theories

Lisa C.

Presenter has a great presentation style that keeps one easily engaged. Also very knowledgeable.

Lynn M.

Engaging presenter!

Keith B.

Very knowledgeable with much expertise and experience. Capable and good presenter.!

Margie L.

As an experienced construction attorney and arbitrator, I wish every attorney dealing with a construction dispute would take this course.

Hermon V.

great program

Robert Mel G.

all good

Jeffrey H.

Very informative presentation!

David W.

Helpful. Informative. Pragmatic.

Kenneth D.

case studies helpful.

Ruth B.

well done

Gerald M.

Brilliant well known authority.

Josh N.

Well done lecture

Edward S.

great presentation from presenter with wealth of experience

Philip R. G.

Excellent lecturer!

David D.

Superb! Well organized and presented.

Marcus P.

Good discussion !

Michael Y.

Great introduction to the topic

Joseph L.

Very good program.

Raymond K.

Excellent presentation on the AIA specifications and the question of damages

Ronald L. B.

Excellent presentation.

Tracy W.

Excellent speaker! The content was very helpful. This was a great course.

Stephen L.


Dwight B.


Stephen E.

Excellent, well-organized. Very articulate presenter.

Randall C.

This is the best Commercial Construction Contract course I have taken.

marydiane m.

The reason for a less than highest rating on the educational objectives is the content was very basic and a lot of common sense. I still appreciated the information as reminders of what to look for, along with new information.

Thomas M.

Presenter was knowlegable and course was good.

Chris K.

VERY smart recommendations on what is your best alternative if there are issues.

Joseph L.

Construction contract disputes can be a real quagmire and cost more than the contract. Good presentation.

Merrick W.

Mr. Bramble is obviously an expert in this field.

Sabrina G.

great course!

Daniel Z.

One of the best classes I've taken on Lawline. The instructor was knowledgeable, and the information was comprehensive and useful.

John W.


Brian F.


Deanna B.

Excellent speaker!

Charles G.

Excellent presenter, fantastic material, very helpful in describing material in a tangible way.

Jeffrey T.

Presenter was very knowledgeable, clear, and concise. Excellent program.

Holly R.

Clearly knowledgeable instructor. Thanks!

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