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Strategies for Building and Managing Diverse Legal Teams

1h 5m

Created on October 19, 2021




This course is part of the virtual event, Theories On The Legal Profession's Lack of Diversity And Solutions For Change. Access this course and more. Learn more


What does inclusive recruitment and onboarding look like? What steps should law firms and legal institutions take to attract diverse talent? What strategies should be implemented to enhance and promote retention of minority attorneys? What is the difference between diversity and inclusion within a legal institution? How can effective mentorship and coaching create an inclusive work environment for minority attorneys? This useful session, presented by experienced DEI practitioners and attorneys at large law firms, will address each of these critical questions. The presentation will provide strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse legal teams. The speakers will also provide examples from their own practices and careers to highlight measures of proven success. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Invest in the Pipeline
    1. Engage with undergraduates when recruiting at law schools
    2. Support existing organizations doing this work
  2. Different recruiting strategies
    1. Recruit outside of the T14
    2. Flexible hiring criteria
  3. Develop relationships with diverse associates early on
    1. Don't wait for a pitch to get to know an associate
    2. Relationships are critical in the hybrid workplace
  4. Transparent Partnership Process
    1. Associates want to know what the exact process is
    2. Allows for more fruitful conversations, development and opportunities

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