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Strategic Bankruptcy Considerations for Distressed Real Estate in the COVID-19 Era

1h 1m

Created on May 17, 2021




In the COVID-19 era, bankruptcy practitioners must account for the pandemic's impact upon established strategies utilized by both creditors and debtors to optimize outcomes concerning distressed real estate assets. However, many attorneys remain unaware of the COVID-19 implications on conventional bankruptcy practices. 

This course will provide a brief overview of traditional bankruptcy approaches used by creditors and debtors, then explore some of the key issues that arise that typically arise in a bankruptcy case and how they may be affected by COVID-19, including the automatic stay, single asset real estate considerations, cash collateral, asset sales, disclosure statements, plans reorganization and litigation concerns.

This program will benefit both creditors' and debtors' counsel by closing the gap between traditional bankruptcy strategies and COVID-19 concerns.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze common issues arising bankruptcy cases involving distressed real estate assets
  2. Identify traditionally bankruptcy strategies/methods utilized by creditors and debtors
  3. Examine the impact of COVID-19 on conventional bankruptcy practices

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