eSports: Advising the Fastest Growing Sporting Community

Production Date: January 07, 2016 Practice Areas: Sports & Entertainment Law Estimated Length: 3625 minutes


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If you ask a group of random 13-year-olds their favorite pro athletes, a shocking number of them would list a competitive video gamer. These players make more money than NFL quarterbacks and are selling out stadiums the size of Madison Square Garden.

But with so much money coming into the industry so quickly, the law hasn’t had time to catch up. How do you represent a player who is only looking to make sure she or he gets paid? How do you make certain a team understands the risks associated with joining various leagues? Join attorney Ryan Morrison as he delves into these questions and more.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Define eSports
  2. Identify the important contract law that should exist in the industry, compared to the law that currently exists
  3. Review real deals that control some of the highest grossing teams around
  4. Recognize major headaches that may arise in contracts between teams and players
  5. Examine how to properly protect your client, no matter where they fit into the scene

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Fascinating topic! I knew nothing about the world of E-sports. Thanks for the excellent introduction. Sorry to hear about the drug issues with players.

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Very interesting. Although it is a niche legal field, the presenter also touched upon some general responsibilities - like how to treat minor-age clients, trademarking, etc.

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