Securing the Open Cyber Door

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Produced on: April 21, 2016

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

The raging controversy surrounding the encryption of the iPhone is a wake-up call for us to enhance our business and personal cybersecurity practices. In this course, you will learn about the legal and social issues surrounding United States v. Apple, and how to identify your mission-critical information and protect it from hackers and cyber thieves. You will walk away learning the importance of privacy law in the twenty-first century and understanding what security really means.


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Address the FBI’s continuing efforts to decrypt the iPhone, including:  

  • the legal impact of the adjournment of appellate hearings pending hacking and reverse engineering efforts, 
  • the economic and societal goals of the technology industry and the government that lurk beneath these lawsuits

II.    Deploy best practices to secure the corporate environment

III.   Identify legal and technological challenges and solutions to protect sensitive information

IV.   Understand encryption: what it is, what it is not

V.    Recognize the importance of using social media securely to avoid disclosing confidential business information

VI.   Mitigate business risks in cyberspace

VII.  Evaluate cyberliability insurance policies

VIII. Grasp additional caveats about the cloud


Paul Rubell

Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP

Paul has been practicing corporate and technology law since he graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1983. Paul’s professional focus is to help his clients identify and achieve their personal and business objectives. Clients value his advice because of his deep understanding of the law and its impact on their businesses; they value Paul’s judgment because of his experience and ethics.

Paul provides day-to-day legal and business counsel, contract review, negotiations and strategic planning for established and emerging companies. He renders sophisticated advice relating to liquidity transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, commercial lending and finance including commercial real estate, corporate governance, private equity, private placements, angel and venture capital investments, IPO’s, regulatory matters, and stock options and incentives. Paul’s extensive experience includes partnership agreements, shareholder disputes, shareholder derivative proceedings, and not-for-profit entities.

Paul is a national leader in the fields of technology and privacy law. He advises operating companies and technology providers alike about disruptive technologies involving intellectual property, software development and licensing, social media law including contests, site infringement and ownership, domestic and international privacy law relating to health care, financial services and education, cloud computing, and cutting-edge legal and technological innovation such as cybersecurity, 3d printing, robotics, encryption, space exploration. His experience with Internet law runs the gamut from domain name disputes, open source software licensing, take-down notices, copyright infringement, cyberliability insurance and e-commerce.

Paul is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Touro College Law Center, where he teaches intellectual property law and digital copyright law.

Paul is a member of the National Board of Directors of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals). He is a frequent speaker at AITP events about emerging technology, privacy and social media law.

Paul is currently Treasurer and General Counsel of Social Media Association, and formerly was its President.

He lectures extensively about business law, corporate governance, and technology law to national trade, professional, and university venues. Paul’s writings have been published frequently in the New York Law Journal and other important periodicals. He has been interviewed about legal topics by CBS-TV, National Public Radio, New York Times, Associated Press, Long Island Business News, Newsday, and the national press.

Paul is a founding member of Stony Brook University’s Center of Excellence for Wireless and Internet Technologies (CEWIT). He is a founding member of the Executive Committee of Touro College Law Center’s Institute for Business, Law and Technology.

Paul has held important leadership positions in the Nassau County Bar Association, having chaired its Corporation Law Committee, Securities Law Committee, and Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee.


William L.

It's a shame that this is expiring because its a really good legal argument explanation in the Apple vs FBI "All Writs Act"... kinda a classic, really.

Major C.

Great instructor and class.

Geoffrey K.

Very good program-- both informative and interesting.

jon s.

Mr. Rubell is very knowledgeable. Good course!

Laila H.

interesting recital of arguments he would make to judge

Hubert L.

Very interesting

Mitchell D.

Informative, very interesting, but a bit unnerving as well. Very good speaker.

Harlan S.

Paul Rubel- excellent presenter Clear, repeated core concepts simply and memorably. Teaching at its best!

Tobias P.

This course introduced me to the complexities of the Apple encryption case. As the field develops, I look forward to the next course in this area.

John T.

Fascinating topic.

Julie A. B.


Diane E.

thought provoking

John A.

Very good overview

Lee H.

Excellent presentation and discussion of competing interests and legal issues relating to right to know vs. right of privacy!!1 Actually sort of scary when talking about the future and one's granddaughter looking for a job in the year 2060!!! Yikes!!!

Thomas C.

Thank you.

Michael O.

Very good discussion of the issues surrounding this ever changing subject

Robert M.

Excellent job of laying out both sides.

Todd C.

Great presenter and good speaking manner. Would have like for there to be time to get into topics later raised in materials. Perhaps could be handled in a Part 2 presentation. Thanks again! Really enjoyed.

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