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Secrets to Selecting a Jury in a Personal Injury Case: A Plaintiff's Perspective (Update)


Created on October 03, 2017



Tune in for an excellent introduction to the proper selection of a jury in a personal injury case. In this update to Mr. Schnurman's original course, Alan Schnurman and Clifford Tucker reveal the secrets to selecting the best jury for your client.  

Here, they discuss the art of the jury selection process for a plaintiff's side attorney and review some of the most important aspects, including the type of case, the venue, and demographics. Dig deep into the process of selecting a jury with this must-watch program for any personal injury attorney!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine the best jurors for your client a personal injury case
  2. Identify the typical questions the reveal the biases of potential jurors
  3. Address the issue of objections by opposing counsel
  4. Prepare for jury selection
  5. Avoid common mistakes when selecting your jury

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