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Rumbles in the C Suite: Representing Executives In Employment Disputes in Texas Update

1h 30m

Created on June 26, 2017




Representing executives in employment disputes is a complex challenge. Executive litigation often involves strong personalities, including high-powered clients used to getting their way in life, and employers that many times take a far more personal interest in the dispute than they do in the run-of-the-mill employment case. Further, executive disputes often include unwieldy and wide-ranging battles over contract interpretation, fiduciary duties, trade secrets, and non-competition issues - all in one case.

Put all that together, and the result can be a truly tough case for any lawyer to handle. Join our experienced faculty member Mark J. Oberti as he guides you through the thicket of executive representation issues in Texas, so you will be ready the next time you represent an executive in an employment dispute.  

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Grasp key issues in just cause litigation
  2. Handle and differentiate between change of control fights under ERISA and non-ERISA severance plans
  3. Explore rules regarding fiduciary duty claims
  4. Gain familiarity with Texas Supreme Court's Marsh and Drennen decisions dealing with executives and how they dramatically affect executive rights
  5. Comprehend retention and transition agreements and how they interplay with existing employment contracts
  6. Identify the importance of notice and cure provisions in employment contracts 

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