Rethinking Harm in Personal Injury and Negligence Cases: Using Psychosocial Evaluations to Uncover Harm

Production Date: December 20, 2015 Practice Areas: Personal Injury and Negligence and Litigation Estimated Length: 4516 minutes


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Many attorneys, particularly in the fields of personal injury and medical malpractice, struggle to understand the injury their clients have suffered. In this course, attorney and forensic expert Mark Silver provides for the lawyer a useful and humanistic tool to better conceptualize and understand the harms that the client has suffered, such that the lawyer in question can advocate for the client in a more informed and holistic manner with a consideration for a broad range of harms that require just compensation.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand a new tool to add to a personal injury (or medical malpractice) practice to evaluate the harms clients have suffered for evaluation purposes

II.    Identify the possible psychological effects of harm from an injury in a much broader manner

III.   Recognize how to advocate for your client by understanding a broader range of harms

This course originally appeared as a part of our December 2015 Bridge the Gap Event.

Craig A.
Bellingham, WA

Very interesting speaker.

Donald G.
Henrico, VA

Truly enjoyed the presentation

Bonnie P.
Pinetops, NC

I was a victim in a personal injury case long before I became an attorney. This course further perpetuated my sediment that it is difficult to understand what a client has gone through unless you have a walked in their shoes. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and took away several good ideas. Thank you.

Stephen S.
Alpine, UT

A sadly overlooked area of concern for clients.

Nancy P.
Oceanside, NY

good speaker. raised some good things to think about during a PI case.

Amy W.
Denver, CO

Great class!

Edward P.
Lake Barrington, IL

This course was very interesting.