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Executive Compensation in Retail Law

1h 30m

Created on May 14, 2015



This seminar provides a basic overview of executive compensation and explores the different types of compensation incentives that are typically offered to executives in the retail industry. Ms. Harders of Epstein, Becker, & Green discusses the best practices for drafting and negotiating executive employment agreements. Various types of bonus and equity-based compensation incentives are addressed, including tax and employment considerations. Ms. Harders also explains the strategies employers may use to protect their interests, such as noncompetition and nonsolicitation covenants, confidential information and clawback protections, and provides suggestions for developing benefit programs and fringe benefits aimed at attracting and retaining talent in the retail industry. 


Learning Objectives: 

I.      Understand the basic regulatory challenges in developing a comprehensive executive compensation program to attract and retain key executives 

II.     Grow more adept at issue-spotting in executive employment agreements 

III.    Consider challenges in providing effective bonus and equity-based compensation incentive programs 

IV.    Appreciate the need for employer protections, such as noncompetes and clawbacks 

V.     Become aware of special issues in compensating executives in the retail industry


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