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Representing the Plaintiff in Sexual Assault Civil Litigation

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Produced on November 05, 2018

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Course Information

Time 61 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

This course, led by attorney Giugi Carminati, addresses the issues raised by litigating a civil sexual assault case. Rape, sexual assault, and unwanted sexual contact cases are not typical tort cases: they present unique challenges and require practitioners to make unique strategy calls. In order to properly make those calls, lawyers have to understand the gender-based dynamics, the stereotypes that undermine a victim's credibility, and the rules of evidence that specifically address sexually charged cases.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define “sexual assault”
  2. Identify causes of action for a civil suit for sexual assault
  3. Discuss societal constructs and behaviors and their impact on these cases
  4. Address issues of using experts and therapists in court during litigation
  5. Break down the rules of evidence that specifically apply to sexual assault cases

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Giugi Carminati


Giugi Carminati is a litigator and intersectional feminist advocate. She is a human and civil rights attorney at NDH, LLC. She practices in state and federal courts and is licensed in Texas, New York, DC, and Colorado. She brings firm but compassionate legal advocacy for her clients. She speaks French, English, Italian and Spanish.


Ruth W.


Megan J.

Fantastic presentation of very difficult issues. One of the best Lawline courses I have taken.

Anneliese V.

Informative and well presented

Eduardo L.


Jessie P.

Loved this, thanks for breaking down rape culture and harmful gender stereotypes so well and how they play into cases

Deborah M.

Could feel her passion for the subject. Her explanations gave me new perspective on topic.

Bri M.

Excellent overview!

Wanda K.

Very informative!

Julie D.

Instructor was very well-informed, and gave excellent background on the topic as well as explaining why the background was important to know for litigation purposes.

Antoine M.

Great presentation with useful trial info.

Barbara B.

Very helpful. Great content

Eleanor G.

Wonderful instructor!

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