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Representing Professionals in Healthcare Fraud Matters

1h 30m

Created on March 24, 2016



Join attorneys Evan Schwartz and Matthew Conroy as they journey through the complex labyrinth of federal and state law regulating fraud when representing healthcare professionals. They discuss the role of counsel in understanding healthcare fraud and how it is enforced by both federal and state authorities, and how it is used in criminal matters as well as in civil litigation by private parties. Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Conway provide tips and strategies for the practicing attorney in managing these issues.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the federal and state regulatory schemes in the oversight of healthcare fraud

II.    Recognize the method and manner in which fraud occurs in the delivery of healthcare services

III.   Appreciate the challenges of the attorney in representing healthcare providers to prevent fraud or manage fraud when it presents itself

IV.   Obtain practical tips and strategies to protect healthcare providers in this complex area



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