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Representing E-sports & Video Game Content Creators

1h 6m

Created on June 09, 2020




The esports and video game content creation market has grown at an incredible pace over the last several years. Users consumed over 15 billion hours of streamed video game content in 2019 alone, and that does not include those hours spent watching non-streamed content, such as videos on YouTube, or time spent at live esports events. Because of its growing popularity, and the corresponding amount of money flowing into the industry, the number of issues and concerns specific to the industry have grown as well.

Like any professional entertainment endeavor, the esports and video game content creation field has numerous issues related to copyrights, rights of publicity, privacy, licensing and branding, trademarks, and contract laws. It is more important than ever for attorneys to stay on top of these issues, as the e-sports Wild West quickly becomes the next gold rush.

This program is presented by James Smedley, Chairman of the Intellectual Property and Technology Law Group at Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP.  The course is intended to help those representing talent, teams, or others in the esports and video game content creator industries.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss dos and don'ts for streamers and content creators
  2. Review copyright concerns for streamers, content creators, and event providers
  3. Identify branding concerns related to the use of game studio content in streams recorded content and at organized events
  4. Analyze the contract law applicable to esports player and team contracts

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