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Representing Detained Immigrants at Bond and Parole Hearings During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Created on March 16, 2021





This program will discuss laws and policies related to the bond and parole processes in immigration detention. The program will highlight best practices in bond proceedings and for requesting parole for individuals detained in ICE custody and who are going through removal proceedings. The program will also highlight changes in immigration release practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This program will benefit immigration law practitioners, especially practitioners who would like a refresher about immigration bond and parole proceedings. It may also benefit criminal defense attorneys, pro bono attorneys, newer immigration practitioners, and other advocates who wish to be a part of the movement to free migrants from immigration prison but who may not have the capacity to represent individuals in their entire immigration cases. Bond and parole are separate from an individual's deportation proceedings, so practitioners can get involved in immigration advocacy with a smaller time commitment by representing individuals in bond and parole only.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the different mechanisms available for requesting release from immigration detention
  2. Identify detained immigrants' eligibility for bond and parole
  3. Prepare bond and parole evidence
  4. Develop persuasive advocacy skills for use in immigration court
  5. Discuss biases and injustices in the immigration court system

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