Representing Clients in High Media Profile Cases

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Representing clients in high profile cases brings unique challenges and opportunities to the defense. Increased media attention can be a boon and a burden – there may be information reported in the media before it is turned over in discovery; potential witnesses (even your client) may give interviews to the media; any commentary on social media may give the defense and idea of how future jurors view the case. In some very high profile cases, members of the community have even inserted themselves into the proceedings by contacting the judge to give their view of how the accused should be treated. All of these factors require thoughtful consideration from the defense attorney in deciding whether to engage with the media and how to counter the pressure that the extra attention may bring to the case.

This presentation will cover examples from some high profile cases to show how the media influenced the outcome of the case. It will touch on ethical considerations in engaging with the press; and cover some strategies for using the media to enhance the defense presentation. The discussion will touch on considerations when choosing to engage with the media (or to let your client engage with the media) and motions to transfer venue.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss lessons learned from past high media profile cases

  2. Identify special considerations present in high media profile cases

  3. Review strategies for engaging with the media

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