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Representing a Plaintiff in Motor Vehicles Cases: Soup to Nuts (Update)


Created on October 03, 2017



Motor vehicle accident cases are typically the core of any personal injury practice, so it's vital to understand the nuances of representing a plaintiff in such a case. In this update to Mr. Schnurman's original course, Alan Schnurman and Clifford Tucker team up to share insights to the representation of a plaintiff with injuries from a motor vehicle accident.  

In addition to reviewing the importance of understanding state negligence doctrines, automobile insurance policies, and relevant medical data, Schnurman and Tucker provide insightful tips on how to decide to take a case, what number to use as one's demand for damages, and when is the best time to settle a case. Understand how to successfully litigate any motor vehicle case and in turn improve your personal injury practice with this engaging course.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address the issues of liability in a motor vehicle accident case
  2. Discuss damages in such cases
  3. Determine venue and discuss the importance of this determination
  4. Identify the issues that could arise concerning insurance coverage
  5. Settle the case in the most effective manner and in the best interest of your client

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